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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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PAC s only upon exertion

by tsco
192 4 01/30/2018 03:11AM
Last Post by The Anti-Fib

Ablation 6 years ago now runs of AFIB, need advice

by Sean G
310 5 01/22/2018 02:27AM
Last Post by Shannon

daily a-fib attacks

by newyorker
364 12 01/22/2018 02:51PM
Last Post by newyorker

High Altitude

by Ghost
200 8 01/25/2018 09:52AM
Last Post by ClayS

Can certain foods cause arrythmia?

by Catherine
339 27 01/18/2018 11:32AM
Last Post by Catherine

cured my afib with magnesium

by brown123
578 6 01/15/2018 03:45PM
Last Post by Catherine

A different beat

by Elizabeth
224 13 01/15/2018 06:40PM
Last Post by Jackie

stroke guidelines--being a woman

by Elizabeth
169 4 01/13/2018 09:58PM
Last Post by Shannon

I don't understand pace maker therapy

by tsco
270 19 01/16/2018 01:23AM
Last Post by Shannon

Flecainide and hip pain

by libby
228 11 01/14/2018 07:55PM
Last Post by libby


by Elizabeth
180 2 01/09/2018 01:59PM
Last Post by AB Page

Tambocour better than self conversion?

by JohnBM
270 20 01/12/2018 01:33AM
Last Post by The Anti-Fib

Is Blood thinner necessary with Pacemaker

by NickC
222 11 01/27/2018 12:09PM
Last Post by NickC

Getting to see an Electropysiologist in the UK

by NickC
191 6 02/12/2018 09:46AM
Last Post by NickC

Can a persistent afibber use low dose adderall

by Lynn
193 3 01/21/2018 07:04AM
Last Post by Lynn

feeling in upper stomach and chest

by SteveDaley
216 4 01/08/2018 06:21PM
Last Post by SteveDaley

LAA TEE results after Ablation

by Methan99
227 4 01/17/2018 05:49AM
Last Post by McHale

Gingko Biloba and Eliquis

by tobherd
307 26 01/27/2018 12:23AM
Last Post by Carey

Cold is a Trigger for me

by Nancy2
191 4 01/12/2018 09:30PM
Last Post by tsco

New memeber. Hi.

by Lenlec
274 16 01/16/2018 08:00AM
Last Post by Ghost

Ablation 5.5 yrs ago now tach or flutter

by Poppino
234 4 01/07/2018 03:14PM
Last Post by tobherd

TCAI, what a great experience

by fravi
249 5 01/07/2018 11:00AM
Last Post by Fibrillator


by tsco
234 10 01/05/2018 05:47PM
Last Post by daledint

Di Biase no longer takes United Health Care

by Callydex
186 5 01/19/2018 10:32PM
Last Post by McHale

Ablation 8 years ago, Flutter happening now?

by Callydex
239 5 01/08/2018 06:25PM
Last Post by SteveDaley

SVT ablation in relation to Afib ablation

by SteveW
180 3 01/15/2018 11:32AM
Last Post by tsco

don't want to be a bother

by newyorker
229 4 01/02/2018 08:37PM
Last Post by The Anti-Fib

Sotalol and Bronchitis

by GaryS
183 4 01/07/2018 06:50PM
Last Post by Nancy2

Magnesium deficiency highlighted in Medscape Review

by Jackie
443 15 01/01/2018 09:34AM
Last Post by Jackie

Eliquis and nosebleeds - FYI

by Jackie
465 30 01/07/2018 11:52AM
Last Post by Carey