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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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New member/1st post

by walt
641 4 11/13/2018 10:04PM
Last Post by wolfpack


by Philipsonh
527 28 11/22/2018 12:49PM
Last Post by Jackie

List of the top 5 Electrophysiogist in the United States

by ajr1960
649 26 11/23/2018 09:55PM
Last Post by tsco

ACs and kidney beans

by wolfpack
305 12 11/13/2018 04:24PM
Last Post by Joe

Sudden onset of high HR without afib

by ajr1960
305 5 11/11/2018 05:43PM
Last Post by wolfpack

Alternative to Cardiokinase

by colindo
202 4 11/12/2018 05:16AM
Last Post by colindo

Cough from Flecainide ?

by Cevetello
232 7 11/12/2018 09:56AM
Last Post by Cevetello

New drug for AF

by mwcf
511 5 11/11/2018 06:42PM
Last Post by Shannon

An Interesting Discussion on AF and Dementia

by JoyWin
381 16 11/12/2018 12:10PM
Last Post by mwcf


by AB Page
358 9 11/07/2018 07:08PM
Last Post by ln108

My sister - Bonnie Dickson Hill   (Pages: 1 2)

by Shannon
788 42 11/24/2018 08:16PM
Last Post by ajr1960

SADS Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes in the UK

by Todd
365 5 11/06/2018 07:33PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Wim Hof breathing method to lower resting heart rate and increase blood oxygen saturation

by DojoMojo
524 14 11/11/2018 03:38AM
Last Post by Joe

Milner Acetylcholine Protocol (MAP)

by DojoMojo
241 2 11/02/2018 09:35PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

New warfarin study

by jpeters
310 3 11/01/2018 01:04AM
Last Post by jpeters

Restaurants a Trigger?

by CareyG
395 24 11/05/2018 08:38PM
Last Post by Carey

Respected EP in Louisiana for AFIB Ablation?

by smackman
285 9 11/12/2018 05:30PM
Last Post by JakeL

Liquid Magnesium - Carolyn Dean ReMag vs Cardiovascular Research & Trace Minerals

by FrankInFlorida
405 16 11/13/2018 10:48PM
Last Post by karin

Flecainide and 1:1 Conduction Risk

by MarkF786
431 23 11/02/2018 02:35AM
Last Post by Joe

How soon to get next ablation?

by MarkF786
351 5 10/29/2018 06:01PM
Last Post by MarkF786

Attempting off of Metoprolol & Flecainide - "conversion tricks" when Afib hits?

by FrankInFlorida
505 29 10/29/2018 05:25PM
Last Post by smackman

Blood pressure

by Elizabeth
340 3 10/27/2018 10:23PM
Last Post by Joe

HRV Monitoring and AFib

by MikeShue
345 10 11/02/2018 09:38PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

3 months Afib free after taking NATTO (food)

by colindo
588 20 11/06/2018 09:09PM
Last Post by Jackie

NOAC or aspirin if someone is having a stroke/TIA?

by mwcf
288 8 10/29/2018 04:23PM
Last Post by jpeters

Are we just the beginning?

by tsco
489 21 10/26/2018 09:54PM
Last Post by Elizabeth

Oral Surgery and Xarelto

by Louise
269 5 10/24/2018 06:27PM
Last Post by Louise

Eliquis and curcumin

by Robin
382 4 10/23/2018 01:37PM
Last Post by Elizabeth

Creatine and ATP supplemenation

by Lynn
285 9 10/25/2018 11:04AM
Last Post by jpeters

Afib, Aflutter, PVC's, Ectopics or what?

by Robin
472 15 01/09/2019 09:42PM
Last Post by Robin