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What kind of magnesium is better ?

Posted by Sunshine13 
What kind of magnesium is better ?
January 31, 2024 02:18AM
Hi everyone, I have paroxysmal a fib. I’ve read that some people take magnesium taurate and also magnesium glycinate .Can anyone recommend if it’s better to take both or just one of them for a fib. Or is there any other magnesium that would be better for a fib. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you !
Re: What kind of magnesium is better ?
January 31, 2024 04:01PM
They are all salts. There is some evidence that different salts are better for one thing or another, but I don't happen to think the evidence is strong one way or another. As far as which to take, the evidence shows that the citrate variety is the most easily absorbed, but it can lead to motility issues if taken in sufficiently high amounts. I mean gut motility, specifically the bowel. Too much means stay near the can.
Re: What kind of magnesium is better ?
February 22, 2024 09:28PM
My cardiologist recommends Magnesium Glycinate. I take Nature Bell 500MG caps along with Pure Mag. Glyc. 120MG caps after breakfast. I take another Pure 120MG cap after lunch. That split dose is fine with my Dr. but you should check about the amount you should be taking. Some folks can get diarrhea from high dose Mag.
I also learned from this website that there may be some connection between a-fib and gut health so I take a probiotic by Thorne called Cagulans Baccilus-2 caps daily (split dose).

Good luck!
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