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Which magnesium is better taurate or glycinate

Posted by Sunshine13 
Which magnesium is better taurate or glycinate
January 31, 2024 02:12AM
Hi everyone, I have paroxysmal a fib. I’ve been reading that magnesium is good for people who suffer from a fib. I have read that some people take both magnesium taurate and glycinate or some just take one of them . Can anyone recommend what helps better with a fib and if you can share the brand you take . Thank you. .
Re: Which magnesium is better taurate or glycinate
January 31, 2024 04:09AM
I was just googling to find a picture to put here with the different kinds and what they are used for... And I realized how many opinions there are. I take..

glycinate- for heart
threonate- for sleep
oxide - when my digestion is running. little slow if you catch my drift

I recently bought a product called magtech w/ a combo.

I was asking about Mg recently so here is a post that I asked similar questions which may be helpful.
Re: Which magnesium is better taurate or glycinate
February 02, 2024 07:06AM
I take Kal Brand Magnesium Orotate 200 mg. That's 200 mg in 4 capsules, so 50 mg in one. I've had people on this forum say the orotate form doesn't absorb well. But I've always liked it. It doesn't cause diarrhea which is nice, too. I've tried many forms of Mag. The glycinate form relaxes me too much, which figures as glycine's a relaxing amino acid. / I'd like to take Mag taurate, but personally have trouble processing the sulfur in taurine. (I've also heard comments recently from general alternative practitioners that they favor calcium and magnesium orotates).
Re: Which magnesium is better taurate or glycinate
February 17, 2024 05:23PM
hello everyone. my first post but i have been reading this forum for quite a bit. not sure where i found this it may have been this very forum but i have been using this mag supplement for a year now and it has helped to reduce my pacs and pvcs by 80%. i take two in the morning and two in the evening and have no issue with my gut.


just some background but i am a 58yo male that has been having ectopics for 4 years now starting with the covid outbreak. i have had two afib incidents over those 4 years the last been sept 4th 2023 after drinking too many beers in the hot sun. i was converted back with a cardizem drip in the er. im not overweight and have been athletic my entire life. cardiologist did a full workup, and my heart is structurally normal. thanks for this place it helps me calm myself about this condition.
Re: Which magnesium is better taurate or glycinate
February 18, 2024 12:46AM
Welcome! Glad that magnesium is helping and hope it staves off further Afib episondes.
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