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Posted by MikeN 
February 03, 2024 12:10PM
Hello All,

I was at the dentist yesterday to get an infected tooth pulled. He gave me two shots of novocaine. About a minute later I felt flushed and a little light headed then my heart started getting either PAC or PVC's. About every third beat was off. About five minutes later it stopped and my heart went back to normal. I've never had this experience before, but I think it was a large dose since I was getting the tooth pulled.

I remember hearing on this forum that epinephrine is in the numbing shot and might cause palpitations. Has anyone else had this experience? Also, would a beta blocker help to counter this or is there novocaine without epinephrine? Any help is appreciated. Either way, I'll bring it up with the dentist during my follow up.

Re: Epinephrine?
February 03, 2024 12:27PM
Also, would a beta blocker help to counter this or is there novocaine without epinephrine? Any help is appreciated.

Though I've not had the experience, I've been aware of the issue for many years. I always ask to use the product without epinephrine. Various dentists have always complied. The issues without are two fold, it is not as powerful, nor does it last as long. In the last few years, I had an upper front tooth pulled and an implant placed. I did that without epinephrine. As luck would have it, she had to remove the implant, clean out the hole and then I had to wait 8 months for the bone to form in the hole for another implant placement. I did that without any anesthesia (she was amazed). Topical melatonin powder can be an anti inflammatory. I asked if I could use it after, let it dissolve in my saliva and gently move the saliva over the area with my tongue. She approved (I provided the melatonin). When I had the tooth pulled followed by the implant, I had a 30 minute drive home. I could feel the novocaine wearing off about half way home, but the melatonin stopped the pain. The dentists have all been familiar with this. Though they resist a bit, when I tell them I have afib, they understand and are supportive.
Re: Epinephrine?
February 03, 2024 01:18PM
Thanks for the info. I will ask for the non-epinephrine when I have the implant inserted. I am more worried about the skipped beats than I am about the pain.
Re: Epinephrine?
February 03, 2024 05:13PM
I also ask for it without the Epi. They sometimes have to us multiple injections. Same for the dermatologist when I get something removed. But once they give the first injection the other are less traumatic winking smiley
Re: Epinephrine?
February 03, 2024 07:00PM
I ask too for epi “plain”
With epi the bottle has some red in the packaging.
Epi plain is either green or blue depending on the manufacturer.
Re: Epinephrine?
February 04, 2024 10:02AM
I always get the epi free shot as well. It’s true it doesn’t last as long, but at least it’s not a big deal just to get repeated injections of it until the procedure if over.
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