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Posted by alfrae13 
January 30, 2024 04:12AM
How good is propafenone to control paroxysmal afib and can it be used as PIP instead of flecainide
Re: Propafenone
January 30, 2024 01:28PM
How good is propafenone to control paroxysmal afib and can it be used as PIP instead of flecainide

Though chemically different, they have a very similar activity as rhythm meds. Propafenone has some beta blocking activity as well.

The original PIP study, paper in 2004 included both flecainide and propafenone. One of my personal friends used propafenone PIP for many years, though in the last year they switched him to flec. Member here, Elizabeth, used propafenone for many years.
Re: Propafenone
January 30, 2024 07:43PM
I was never prescribed it, but when I called for help to the outreach nurse at the AF clinic when my first ablation failed, I had been placed on amiodarone by the EP when the ER called him to ask for advice. The outreach nurse said they usually prescribe propafenone for cranky hearts after an ablation. So, it is useful. I don't have a clue about its efficacy/take up as PIP.
Re: Propafenone
February 21, 2024 04:12PM
A bit late here but I did take propafenone for many (7 I think) years for paroxysmal afib and it worked very well. Until it didnt. I don't believe I tried it as a PIP nor was ever advised to do so. When it stopped working I tried sotalol, dofetilide and dronaderone and they either did not work or caused major side effects. The only drug that worked then was amiodarone but it also stopped working after 6 years. The interesting thing here is that I tried propafenone again a few years ago and it actually made my afib worse. But now my EP is saying I should take it again as my previous ablation might have changed things and it could work again. I find it all so strange that I could react so differently to the same drug over different periods of time. No reason to believe that you or anyone else with afib will experience the same thing. I find it all so individualized. My EP who is very active on Youtube said essentially the same thing. It's all trial and error for each person.
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