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Asthma medications and a fib

Posted by Sunshine13 
Asthma medications and a fib
February 08, 2024 05:22AM
Hi everyone, Monday I had to visit the Er for Asthma issues. I was wheezing, short of breath and coughing. I usually use Levalbuterol solution because I’ve been told it won’t give you the side effects of albuterol.. I was really bad so the Dr. ordered Ipratropium/Albuterol nebulizer.. wow to my amazement it really worked better than the Levalbuterol I take. And it didn’t trigger my a fib. For thoses of you that are asthmatics have you used this combination and have had success or does everybody stick with Levalbuterol ? Thank you .
Re: Asthma medications and a fib
February 11, 2024 04:05AM
Levalbuterol has less cardiac effects so is often better for people with cardiac issues. However, the duo neb (albuterol plus ipratroprium) is often more effective for an acute asthma episode.
Re: Asthma medications and a fib
February 11, 2024 05:10AM
Megan, thank you ! I mentioned to my Dr. what they had given me in the ER and he said to play it safe they were going to give me ipratropium/ Levalbuterol . So I will give it a try.
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