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Question Re: tachs

Posted by Poppino 
Question Re: tachs
January 30, 2024 05:15PM
Since my flutter LAA iso afib toucup then watchman in Aug 2021 watchmam feb 2022 ive been really good. A few little tachy 3-5 min low rate events. Now! My wife had open heart aortic replacement and my father 97 died jan 1. Since ive had anout 4-5 such events. All stop quick. Rate can be 95/105 but as high as 120-125. If i can a vagal stops them immediately. Dr Holshouser here thinks its atrial tach not flutter but no ekg just a kardia. Would vagal stop it were it flutter again? Are my emotions the cause? Im on 20 mg propananol x 2. Dr Natale did my LAA and watchman
Re: Question Re: tachs
January 30, 2024 07:33PM
Flutter tends to stay in flutter, so I would think it somewhat, not entirely, unlikely that you're going in and out of flutter every now and then. I think it's PACs, without seeing an EKG, possibly atrial tachycardia.

And yes, unfortunately for so many of us, our emotions are what drive much of the unwanted cardiac behavior.
Re: Question Re: tachs
January 30, 2024 08:23PM
I agree with gloaming. Unlikely a vagal maneuver would stop flutter.
Re: Question Re: tachs
January 31, 2024 09:42PM
Sorry Tom for your lost. Stress must had triggered your episodes. Give Cindy my best wishes
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