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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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Ranolazine and afib

by Jeff W
180 4 08/01/2022 08:56AM
Last Post by sldabrowski

Any ideas about this, since my doctor doesn't seem to know anything..

by Sozo
246 6 08/01/2022 05:53PM
Last Post by allofus

TEE a vagal afib trigger?

by susan.d
287 9 07/30/2022 10:28PM
Last Post by susan.d

Very useful and informative cheat list when reading an ekg

by susan.d
273 1 07/27/2022 05:43PM
Last Post by susan.d

Xarelto and Paxlovid

by Ro
210 2 07/27/2022 10:39AM
Last Post by Carey

New label for afib or flutter or SVT

by susan.d
198 3 07/27/2022 03:23AM
Last Post by susan.d

My afib has changed

by californiagal
464 13 08/03/2022 02:09AM
Last Post by californiagal

Afib for 4 days

by Dini
378 15 08/02/2022 03:05AM
Last Post by Dini

Assessing need for blood thinner

by bettylou4488
249 5 07/25/2022 09:29AM
Last Post by bettylou4488


by JohnBM
314 9 07/25/2022 12:53PM
Last Post by LoisA

Transitory aFib

by Mark
327 18 07/25/2022 03:21PM
Last Post by LLA

More frequent afib episodes

by czk
359 11 08/14/2022 07:09PM
Last Post by Muntz

AF Medication

by Gillingtons
277 5 07/25/2022 09:21AM
Last Post by Gillingtons

hydration and sleep for afibbers

by bneedell
263 3 07/22/2022 04:56AM
Last Post by Pompon

6 years AFIB FREE!

by smackman
444 14 07/29/2022 03:03PM
Last Post by Shannon

Can Xarelto cause abdominal bloating and gas

by colindo
205 8 08/14/2022 09:15PM
Last Post by JayBros

Genetic Afib and ablation

by LoisA
365 14 07/21/2022 05:44PM
Last Post by Carey

Any need for ANY blood thinners after Watchman implant?

by tobherd
340 20 08/02/2022 06:38PM
Last Post by sldabrowski

Ok I am doing it

by Geocappy
445 18 07/24/2022 04:49PM
Last Post by Muntz

Castle Connolly top doctors

by bneedell
284 7 07/17/2022 04:30PM
Last Post by Carey

A question from a newcomer about atrial fibrillation

by Hardy
402 7 07/17/2022 08:00PM
Last Post by Daisy

Stopping aspirin after watchman for medical procedure

by ron
169 3 07/15/2022 02:08PM
Last Post by susan.d

Flecainide Dosage

by Mark
348 15 07/18/2022 10:41PM
Last Post by susan.d

Looking for new Cardiologist

by Geocappy
292 6 07/30/2022 11:37PM
Last Post by Geocappy

2nd ablation completed

by wamdvm00
257 2 07/14/2022 09:20PM
Last Post by vanlith

PACs instead of AFib?

by anneh
393 18 08/02/2022 06:55PM
Last Post by sldabrowski

stopping cardizem

by bettylou4488
183 3 07/14/2022 11:47AM
Last Post by bettylou4488


by Joe
378 15 07/26/2022 02:27AM
Last Post by californiagal

THC/ afib

by bettylou4488
276 4 07/13/2022 10:44AM
Last Post by Daisy

Why do so many need a second ablation?

by bneedell
358 8 07/31/2022 05:15PM
Last Post by gloaming