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Tall person problem?

Posted by CatB 
Tall person problem?
January 26, 2024 01:46AM
Hi all! I am hoping for some tips or tricks from this wise community.

I am scheduled for another ablation next week (my 4th). I am dreading the 6 hours of lying flat on my back as I had really bad lower back pain during those 6 hrs each time I had an ablation. I am a tall woman (almost 6 ft). I am wondering if tall people could be more susceptible to this? I have no back problems, and the only back pain I have ever had has been related to the ablations. I'm pretty sure I don't have a low pain tolerance - I have been through natural childbirth and understand at least that type of pain.

Has anyone else experienced this (tall or otherwise 😊)? The nurses have always been wonderful and have tried to use pillows to change my position a bit. I was given Fentanyl after my 2nd ablation, but it evidently made me relax too much and the nurses panicked when my breathing slowed (but it cut through the pain!) - so they won't give me any strong meds. My preference would be to just stay sedated during those 6 hrs, but that is not an option (I asked my daughter who is a nurse about that, and she said "no Mom, we can't just sedate everyone who is in pain 🤣)

I always try to sit up and stretch for as long as I can before they have me lie down for the ablation. The nurse said for this ablation they will try and bend my knees a bit during the procedure, possibly use a closure device (?) and give my IV Tylenol.

Any ideas?
Re: Tall person problem?
January 26, 2024 04:17AM
Ask your EP if they use collagen plugs. If the answer is no, ask why not. They cut the lying flat time from 4-6 hours to 2 hours. I've had multiple ablations and I also experienced severe back pain from lying flat for so long, but I got the plugs the last two times and they made a world of difference.
Re: Tall person problem?
January 26, 2024 05:20AM
Here is an article about these plugs: [www.medpagetoday.com]

I had them too--Vascade is the brand name and many of us have had them. I was up and walking as soon as I got to my room--2 hours. I don't remember having any back pain, but they also gave me Tylenol in recovery. They also put an inflated pressure bandage on my right venous puncture and slowly deflated it in those 2 hours. Best wishes for your ablation.
Re: Tall person problem?
January 26, 2024 02:48PM
Thank you Carey and Daisy! That's encouraging. I will check with my EP.
Re: Tall person problem?
February 14, 2024 09:07PM
Since it was 4 1/2 years between my second and third ablation, I was amazed at the Vascade product. Did the same thing as Daisy, up and about in 2 hours until my bride told me I was walking around the halls of St. David's with my backside flashing passersby.
Re: Tall person problem?
February 14, 2024 10:26PM
until my bride told me I was walking around the halls of St. David's with my backside flashing passersby.

That's why I always bring a pair of sweat pants if I'm going to be in a hospital.
Re: Tall person problem?
February 15, 2024 06:42PM
I just don't care. They can avert their eyes if what they see offends them. cool smiley
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