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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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by Babs
155 3 10/08/2003 07:22AM
Last Post by Babs

NSR 65 days post PVI ablation

by Nancy
142 5 10/09/2003 01:20AM
Last Post by Nancy

Neurology Website A-Z

by Babs
184 1 10/07/2003 10:59PM
Last Post by Babs

older messages

by madeleine
214 3 10/08/2003 04:20AM
Last Post by Hans Larsen

My experience

by Steve
289 3 10/10/2003 07:36AM
Last Post by Richard

Making Magnesium Water (WW)at Home - Question for PC

by Jackie
170 13 10/10/2003 07:53AM
Last Post by Richard

Caffeine as a trigger?

by Doug
266 8 10/08/2003 11:10PM
Last Post by Cathy

"what to do"

by Jack David Meyerson
125 2 10/07/2003 05:26AM
Last Post by Fran

Vagal A-Fib Portal

by Babs
163 3 10/07/2003 09:49PM
Last Post by Babs

AF frequency and ventricular response rate.....

by Mike F. V42
129 8 10/07/2003 06:25PM
Last Post by Mike F. V42

regular timing of afib - accumulation or depeletion of something

by gregg
230 18 10/11/2003 05:43AM
Last Post by Fran

Propafenone on demand?

by john
146 15 10/08/2003 01:32AM
Last Post by Richard

Han's Report - COPPER

by MLM
238 24 10/09/2003 07:06AM
Last Post by Fran

Magnesium & Cardizem

by Kathy
316 14 10/18/2005 08:11AM
Last Post by Lilly

mineralised water..could it be a miracle cure?

by Martin
149 7 10/06/2003 09:08AM
Last Post by David S

Weight Gain

by Babs
125 4 10/08/2003 07:50AM
Last Post by Babs

Statsky's Ring?/Richard

by Pam
143 6 09/24/2004 06:19AM
Last Post by Marcia Hamilton

More on Mg. Glycinate

by Richard
176 9 10/06/2003 06:19AM
Last Post by Richard

Pappone Procedure

by Todd
447 9 10/07/2003 09:57AM
Last Post by Fran

PAC's and more PAC's...

by Martin
257 6 10/06/2003 06:50AM
Last Post by Ella

Cont. Re: Symptons and episodes

by Fran
133 4 10/05/2003 08:50AM
Last Post by Fran

WOW!! I just love the colors

by Marshal
134 2 10/05/2003 11:29AM
Last Post by Bill B

Copper and AFib report

by Fran
295 1 10/04/2003 08:51AM
Last Post by Fran

Welcome to the New Bulletin Board

by Hans Larsen
268 21 11/22/2005 12:20AM
Last Post by sunny