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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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StopAfib.org 2019 AFIB Patient Conference is set Aug 9th to 11th in Dallas!

by Shannon
163 1 06/04/2019 03:56PM
Last Post by Shannon

*** Important new upgrades effective today ****

by Shannon
5,915 14 04/16/2018 01:52AM
Last Post by Shannon

***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Our New Forum Has Officially Launched

by tvanslooten
4,139 21 02/21/2017 12:17PM
Last Post by tvanslooten

Eating more vitamin K found to help, not harm, patients on warfarin

by GeorgeN
75 1 06/25/2019 03:56PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Atrial Septal Defect closure

by Barbcat
156 10 06/25/2019 10:51AM
Last Post by Carey

vitamin D supplementation was not associated with reduced major adverse cardiovascular events

by johnnyS
195 14 06/26/2019 10:24AM
Last Post by Carey

Magnesium Hydroxide - question for George

by Gill
111 3 06/24/2019 03:52PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Testosterone replacement therapy and sleep

by colindo
108 5 06/25/2019 11:08PM
Last Post by rocketritch

Article About Alternative Treatment... Seems too easy

by Fibbin AFib
313 10 06/23/2019 03:25PM
Last Post by mwcf

Testosterone replacement therapy

by tsco
219 18 06/25/2019 11:02AM
Last Post by smackman

From chronic AFIB to a nuisance?

by MikeN
316 6 06/20/2019 01:54PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Amiodarone vs Dronedarone vs nothing

by Josiah
130 3 06/18/2019 09:57PM
Last Post by wolfpack

name of airbnb in austin

by whitehaven
113 2 06/19/2019 12:27PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Anyone in Wales had an ablation?

by silentsal
92 1 06/17/2019 01:05PM
Last Post by silentsal

Warfarin vs NOACs before cardioversion?

by Barry G.
109 5 06/19/2019 11:11AM
Last Post by Barry G.

NSR From Beta Blocker ? Let Us Know

by Sammy
169 2 06/16/2019 11:19AM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Calcium and Afib -- elimination or reduction of Afib (or Migraine) by adjustment of calcium

by SteveCarr
312 7 06/17/2019 09:17PM
Last Post by JKAF

Bloating and Pacs

by johnnyS
280 13 06/20/2019 01:08PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Are blood thinners safe for the elderly?

by MaryY
360 24 06/27/2019 02:03AM
Last Post by colindo

A turning point in anticoagulation vs LAA closure devices?

by Carey
285 6 06/14/2019 12:56PM
Last Post by Carey

Linq Monitor dying

by McHale
149 5 06/22/2019 11:08AM
Last Post by McHale

Have Bordeuax proceedures advanced these last 10 years.

by Barry G.
312 24 06/16/2019 09:37PM
Last Post by GeorgeN


by Brian_og
244 11 06/12/2019 08:24PM
Last Post by Carey

Xarelto issue

by IDbill
219 4 06/10/2019 01:14AM
Last Post by Carey

Post Austin !!

by IDbill
196 3 06/08/2019 11:25PM
Last Post by rocketritch

Barry G. ECG printout

by Barry G.
246 22 06/13/2019 11:05PM
Last Post by Barry G.

Resting heart rate stuck at 80BPM from 56BPM

by Barry G.
380 20 06/10/2019 12:16AM
Last Post by Barry G.

If you don't already have the KardiaMobile

by katesshadow
276 6 06/13/2019 11:30AM
Last Post by wolfpack

low dose Eliquis & $$$

by AB Page
221 4 06/04/2019 08:36AM
Last Post by LarryG


by tsco
159 6 06/04/2019 01:28PM
Last Post by Ghost

Amiodarone Hypothyroidism

by Josiah
151 4 06/18/2019 12:23PM
Last Post by Shannon

Nothing Lasts Forever, Including Ablation !

by Sammy
521 12 06/24/2019 04:16PM
Last Post by onewaypockets

My follow up visit to Austin

by dartisskis
271 8 06/03/2019 03:16PM
Last Post by fravi