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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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Saffron seems to be helping Afib

by Kenai
68 3 11/27/2020 01:10PM
Last Post by JDfiB

Post ablation recovery

by gadawgfan
99 3 11/27/2020 05:54PM
Last Post by susan.d

Mandatory vaccine

by Kleinkp
166 9 11/27/2020 05:08PM
Last Post by NotLyingAboutMyAfib

alivecor / QT

by bettylou4488
99 12 11/26/2020 02:02PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Intermittent runs of fast heart rate (about 165 bpm). What kind of arrhythmia is this?

by HBK
135 10 11/27/2020 09:08AM
Last Post by HBK


by Kleinkp
139 4 11/26/2020 01:58AM
Last Post by susan.d

2 weeks of NSR !

by NotLyingAboutMyAfib
220 16 11/27/2020 05:09PM
Last Post by NotLyingAboutMyAfib

Anti-coag vs anti-platelet and combined

by NotLyingAboutMyAfib
103 5 11/22/2020 06:08PM
Last Post by Carey


by bstevens
181 20 11/27/2020 12:59PM
Last Post by bstevens

Fright and ectopic beats

by susan.d
191 8 11/22/2020 07:15AM
Last Post by DavrosT

Vitamin D with K on Eliquis

by Jake
171 17 11/21/2020 06:41PM
Last Post by Jackie

Changed diet this week, now ectopics have increased 3-fold

by DavrosT
197 19 11/22/2020 06:38PM
Last Post by Joe

Urgent: Post ablation PACs

by Ingrid
172 10 11/19/2020 10:03PM
Last Post by rocketritch

Age And Ablation

by ggheld
220 6 11/19/2020 10:20AM
Last Post by susan.d

Living a long healthy life in AFib

by frankangelo
362 16 11/20/2020 06:15PM
Last Post by frankangelo

2020 bingo now complete - covid! (maybe)

by NotLyingAboutMyAfib
288 19 11/22/2020 04:40PM
Last Post by NotLyingAboutMyAfib

Afrial flutter

by Carola
206 7 11/15/2020 06:42PM
Last Post by NotLyingAboutMyAfib

Sleep apnea   (Pages: 1 2)

by Kleinkp
392 33 11/24/2020 07:32PM
Last Post by johnnyS

Post ablation - blood in lungs - coughing up blood - hemoptysis?   (Pages: 1 2)

by NotLyingAboutMyAfib
432 34 11/15/2020 12:29PM
Last Post by Jackie


by billyb
295 8 11/12/2020 12:10PM
Last Post by billyb

Ablation scheduled but having second thoughts...

by Ingrid
346 26 11/23/2020 08:04PM
Last Post by susan.d

Drinking alcohol

by Will1789
355 14 11/11/2020 09:11PM
Last Post by wolfpack

Heart2heart community survey

by susan.d
143 2 11/12/2020 09:24AM
Last Post by susan.d

1 year anniversary

by Jog
190 4 11/06/2020 12:44AM
Last Post by rocketritch

Bone hormone could provide new treatment for heart rhythm disorder

by scribbler
272 10 11/05/2020 01:13PM
Last Post by Jackie

well I ever be free of LAF, for me yes.

by mattlamb
280 8 11/11/2020 09:48AM
Last Post by Sdweller

Touch-up ablation - foreign travel and CV-19

by mwcf
185 9 11/04/2020 08:47AM
Last Post by mwcf

Increased Afib "Burden"

by CC66
220 14 11/02/2020 10:02PM
Last Post by CC66

Automated rhythm-based control of radiofrequency ablation close to the atrioventricular node: pre-clinical, animal and first-in-human testing.

by susan.d
161 4 11/02/2020 10:54AM
Last Post by Carey

Remote from Dr N - will they ship holter?

by NotLyingAboutMyAfib
171 6 10/30/2020 02:05AM
Last Post by susan.d