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A forum for sharing experiences regarding atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachy-arrhythmias. 
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*** Important new upgrades effective today ****

by Shannon
4,035 14 04/16/2018 01:52AM
Last Post by Shannon

***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Our New Forum Has Officially Launched

by tvanslooten
3,342 21 02/21/2017 12:17PM
Last Post by tvanslooten

Jims Story Need opinions and educated thoughts

by SteveDaley
46 2 10/15/2018 09:44PM
Last Post by Carey

Noise throws the heart out of rhythm

by Todd
77 3 10/16/2018 12:00AM
Last Post by jpeters

12 Year Anniversary Next Month

by Ken
138 9 10/15/2018 11:01AM
Last Post by Jackie

Anticoagulents decrease rates of dementia

by jpeters
111 6 10/16/2018 02:38AM
Last Post by Brian_og

Is it OK to have a little alcohol now that I no longer have Afib?   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by tobherd
557 64 10/16/2018 03:43AM
Last Post by mwcf

A genetic link...

by bolimasa
201 11 10/14/2018 03:22PM
Last Post by Sam

this neat article i found with a first class picture at the top

by peggyM
186 4 10/09/2018 09:24AM
Last Post by Jackie

Ignored Causes of Heart Disease

by Todd
184 1 10/06/2018 09:53PM
Last Post by Todd

PPIs & Afib - what should I do?

by DavrosT
179 2 10/10/2018 01:43AM
Last Post by lisa s

Stroke after cardioversion.   (Pages: 1 2)

by Brian_og
414 47 10/11/2018 11:04AM
Last Post by jpeters

Blanking period blips

by Dinodog
221 24 10/09/2018 11:14PM
Last Post by JakeL

Other end of the spectrum

by tsco
246 10 10/05/2018 05:34AM
Last Post by tsco

High Troponin After Ablation

by Sam
173 6 10/02/2018 07:41AM
Last Post by Sam


by colindo
133 2 10/03/2018 06:31AM
Last Post by mwcf

Watchman FLX Implant Report

by ln108
184 8 10/02/2018 02:26PM
Last Post by mwcf

Warfarin   (Pages: 1 2)

by Erin
463 58 10/13/2018 03:39PM
Last Post by Brian_og

24 hour single lead ECG device

by GeorgeN
229 19 09/30/2018 01:14PM
Last Post by TomSeest

First post-ablation afib - I think I made a mistake

by MarkF786
345 6 09/28/2018 10:03PM
Last Post by wolfpack

Afib or not

by SteveDaley
225 2 09/26/2018 11:57AM
Last Post by Pompon

Ectopics and.. twitching in shoulders muscles?

by DavrosT
178 15 09/29/2018 04:28AM
Last Post by DavrosT


by Catherine
242 12 09/30/2018 10:36AM
Last Post by Jackie

Rapid Ventricular Response

by Erin
143 5 09/25/2018 07:39PM
Last Post by Carey

PT and INR levels with Eliquis

by Dinodog
121 2 09/25/2018 12:29PM
Last Post by Dinodog

Skipped Beats at night can Protonix for stomach be factor

by SteveDaley
130 6 09/26/2018 09:16PM
Last Post by Elizabeth

Anxiety and Eliquis.......Still....

by lds001
263 26 09/30/2018 10:58AM
Last Post by jpeters

Throat sensation prior to episode

by Carolyn23
161 3 09/26/2018 07:37AM
Last Post by Carolyn23

New on Here

by Erin
285 10 09/25/2018 04:14PM
Last Post by Carey

Episodes increasing

by Carolyn23
259 5 09/24/2018 07:28AM
Last Post by Carolyn23

Deciding to take Eliquis with infrequent Afib   (Pages: 1 2)

by karin
512 52 09/28/2018 01:25PM
Last Post by colindo

More post-ablation 'rumblings'

by mwcf
239 13 09/23/2018 01:58PM
Last Post by mwcf