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A forum for discussing other health-related topics and information of general interest not directly related to AFIB.  
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Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies

by Jackie
456 7 12/14/2022 08:22AM
Last Post by LSulka

Distraction from flutter

by susan.d
334 1 11/07/2022 12:26AM
Last Post by susan.d

achy legs etc

by Sozo
309 4 10/24/2022 09:10PM
Last Post by Jackie

Vitamin D /Cod liver oil

by bettylou4488
349 3 05/10/2023 02:35AM
Last Post by hamzaghaffar

Quercetin and afib

by Edda
356 2 12/09/2022 05:11PM
Last Post by PavanPharter

melatonin and enzymes/probiotics

by Edda
292 3 10/16/2022 07:13PM
Last Post by Edda

Supplements or therapy for leg cramps at night?

by Nancypo
394 11 11/16/2022 07:10PM
Last Post by PavanPharter

Nuun Type?

by Nancypo
363 10 10/02/2022 05:43PM
Last Post by Kwilk

Really interesting functional medicine doc

by Que
320 2 10/02/2022 05:31PM
Last Post by Kwilk

sort order of forum threads

by Kwilk
265 2 09/19/2022 09:19PM
Last Post by Carey

Melatonin dosing for sleep issues

by Jackie
590 12 04/07/2023 02:16AM
Last Post by omnihelp

Forum Issue

by Kwilk
307 4 09/06/2022 09:19PM
Last Post by Carey

How do I get an account so I can participate in Stop Afib forum?

by willsdw
381 7 08/29/2022 08:06PM
Last Post by Carey

Heal Movie

by Que
370 1 08/22/2022 05:01AM
Last Post by Que

Natural antibiotics

by Sam
546 13 08/29/2022 10:23AM
Last Post by gloaming

Colonoscopy Prep

by greyhoundgal
507 5 07/20/2022 08:32AM
Last Post by Muntz

Typical parkinsonian tremor can simulate atrial flutter or ventricular tachycardia on ECG

by susan.d
463 3 06/01/2022 10:10AM
Last Post by Carey
This topic has been moved.

Choosing NOAC Half Dosing

by ggheld
    This topic has been moved.

Adverse Events Associated With AtriClip for Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion

by susan.d
447 1 05/22/2022 08:46PM
Last Post by susan.d

back problems

by Elizabeth
902 8 05/08/2023 02:20AM
Last Post by ulyssesmeads

My dog now eating natto for acute Lymphoma Cancer

by Dean
761 6 04/30/2022 01:52AM
Last Post by Dean

Avocado Consumption and Risk of CVD in US Adults

by susan.d
1,023 12 09/18/2022 10:19AM
Last Post by ggheld

Warmer summer nocturnal surface air temperatures and cardiovascular disease death risk: a population-based study

by susan.d
615 2 03/29/2022 08:24PM
Last Post by GeorgeN

Is Iodine Deficiency a risk factor for cardiovascular disease without thyroid dysfunction?

by susan.d
1,057 13 04/20/2022 08:18PM
Last Post by ln108

Nattokinase Price. Yikes!

by ln108
1,155 5 04/13/2022 11:15AM
Last Post by ln108

great info on metabolic disease

by Joe
633 1 02/07/2022 10:19PM
Last Post by Joe

Natto food - latest very interesting research

by Dean
1,001 9 05/11/2022 03:39PM
Last Post by colindo

Public service

by susan.d
819 8 01/20/2022 10:08PM
Last Post by susan.d

Immune Support

by colindo
667 1 01/14/2022 01:08PM
Last Post by colindo

WSJ. The New Trend in Healthcare: Do-It-Yourself; With doctors under strain in the pandemic, patients are taking more of their healthcare into their own hands

by Rob Wilson
755 3 01/12/2022 11:25PM
Last Post by Joe