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unexpected colonoscopy

Posted by anneh 
unexpected colonoscopy
June 03, 2023 11:42PM
About 5yrs ago had a Cologuard test which was negative and then 2mths ago another one which was positive sad smiley Have read there are often false positives with Cologuard so praying thats true for me. Gastroenterologist said only way to really be sure is to have a colonoscopy as any other test is not as thorough plus tests like CT scan can not remove polyps so if they are seen a colonoscopy would have to be done anyway. My problem is Ijust picked up the ClensPiq product which is used to clean everything out and it shows alot of possible side effects including rapid heart. I wlll of course call Dr office Monday (he does know I have AF episodes)but am wondering if all the products they use to do a massive clean out can cause same symptoms probably due to wiping out all electrolytes etc? Of course will have to stop Eliquis 2days prior which scares me. I am 84 but other than AF in very good health with not other medical issues and only on Eliquis plus thyroid med. Thnx for any input smiling smiley
Re: unexpected colonoscopy
June 06, 2023 09:53PM
Anne, see Jackie's post on this topic here. I've successfully used the Golytely product she mentions in the post.
Re: unexpected colonoscopy
June 29, 2023 04:07PM
I've used Golytely successfully in rhe past, and its covered by Medicare.

Last time I used SuPrep liquid and found I could almost set a clock by its start and stop action. This was 3 years ago and it wasn't covered by Medicare then so my insurance copay was $100 and was well worth that.

Re: unexpected colonoscopy
June 30, 2023 10:43AM

Olivia, What makes this interesting to you?
Re: unexpected colonoscopy
July 10, 2023 06:59PM
Why isn’t HalfLytly available anymore?

I prefer miralax and instead of mixing it with water I use unflavored Pedialyte clear liquid which provides electrolytes. CVS brand tastes nasty btw-spend more and get the better tasting brand name.
Re: unexpected colonoscopy
July 24, 2023 02:03PM
I have PlenVu right now for upcoming procedure. I plan to take some potassium before and after using the mix.
Re: unexpected colonoscopy
July 24, 2023 02:24PM
I have PlenVu right now for upcoming procedure. I plan to take some potassium before and after using the mix.

I was supposed to have my first colonoscopy last January but had to cancel it because of an Afib episode started two days before. I still have the PenVu and it won't expire until next March. I might be doing it later this year, I am 2 weeks post ablation, Do you recommend any name brand of Potassium? thanks.
Re: unexpected colonoscopy
July 24, 2023 04:29PM
I'll be taking some from a left over script I have.

Potassium 10 MEQ TID on day before

I'll also drink some V8 in the days before and take mag as usual.
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