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Flecainide Alert

Posted by Jackie 
Flecainide Alert
October 15, 2013 01:29PM
I have a confession and a deeply embarrassing one, at that.

Long-time forum readers know my passion for avoiding unhealthy pitfalls in foods, water, environment and medical practices because of my past history of being misled multiple times by the medical profession and being harmed as a result. I vowed never, ever to be un-informed again.

So, how I let this slip by with nary a red flag or hint of suspicion, I’ll never know; but the ugly truth is I was asleep at the switch and did not investigate thoroughly the popular antiarrhythmic drug, flecainide, which I took daily for six years treating Lone Atrial Fibrillation.

With all the news warnings about fluorinated drugs including Paxil, Prozac, Lipitor, Cipro, Prevacid (recalled), Propulsid, Flonase, Flovent, and many more, I failed simply check the molecular formula to learn what was in flecainide, trusting again that since afibbers were routinely using, it must be safe. Most significant, there were no specific caveats mentioned on this forum so others here are in the dark as much as I was.

When I posted the Hydrate Safely report1 on fluoride eight years ago, I didn’t have a clue about the flecainide/fluoride connection. Even five years ago when Erling offered posts on the detrimental effects of fluoride, I still didn’t make the connection. Especially glaring negligence occurred last year when the flurry of extremely-valuable informational fluoride posts were flooding the General Health Forum. Again, I did not check the flecainide. Shame on me!

If I had, I would have learned that flecainide contains 6 atoms of fluorine2 which are found to metabolize partially or biotransform to allow a calculated measurement of fluoride to enter the blood stream with every pill swallowed. Fluoride is a poison for six years I swallowed 300 mg flecainide daily. In my Lyme treatment aftermath last year, I took 100 mg flecainide daily for 4 months and used PIP at the new, higher dosing recommendations -- adding more to my lifetime, cumulative, toxic fluoride bioburden and certainly depleting iodine stores. Unfortunately, only in the past 4 years have I begun to replete with iodine more aggressively.

My concerns focus on the known toxic, cumulative effects of fluoride in the body – even when minute amounts are ingested. Science educates that, as is true with radiation exposure, small doses (over time) are damaging. Since fluoride displaces iodide, that helps explain my long-standing struggle to normalize thyroid function and the development of worrisome nodules. Of even greater concern are the cumulative effects not as easily measured such as that in bone or the pineal gland in the brain. My investigation reveals many more areas of concern.

Just as I am very aware of and avoid or limit my exposure to fluoridated water which also contains the added toxins aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and lead, I avoid mercury, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides, xenobiotics, bisphenols and so on because of damaging bioaccumulation. Since it’s often difficult to avoid fluoride exposure completely, I don’t want to consume it intentionally by taking flecainide or any other fluoride-containing drug or substance. So better late than never, I offer this Alert or Awareness post as an important consideration for every afibber who either currently takes flecainide or may be prescribed in the future.

My intention is not to be an alarmist but to present science-based findings so readers can make informed decisions. Abundant information is readily available by Internet searches on the toxicity of fluoride compounds. In the following report which I will post in segments because it’s lengthy, I’ve provided important keynotes and references that are relevant connections for heart health and afibbers.

However, the toxicity problem is obviously so much more comprehensive since whenever a toxic substance is sequestered and lurking in the body, no good comes of that. With large numbers of the population being treated for thyroid problems, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative mental disorders and mental decline and the increasing prevalence of planned violence… plus arrhythmias… we must learn to avoid additional fluoride exposure and manage the accumulations we have.

Because so many opportunities for fluoride exposure exist, I feel compelled to expand the flecainide report to include other basic fluoride toxicity information…all based on science… as a primer so readers can follow with their own research.

Actually, this is an alert for every living creature, pets and farm animals as well, on the risks of fluoride exposure. The smaller the body, the more harm. So infants and children (and pets) are especially vulnerable. The health consequences are all around us but typically not recognized as attributable to fluoride exposure and bioaccumulation, at least initially.

Since the majority of my current Health Advocacy Awareness research focuses on anti-aging practices and brain health, my concern regarding fluoride exposure/bioaccumulation and brain health is huge. [Elaboration in Sec. II]

Be aware that because of the raging, ongoing controversy over water fluoridation and very skillful, intentional obfuscation of science-based facts regarding the safety of water fluoridation…not to mention the total brainwashing of a vulnerable public, you may find yourself initially resisting the science that exposes the facts on fluoride toxicity. Work through that. Oh, and by the way, if you mention the flecainide biotransformation issue to your doctor, don’t be surprised if there is no meaningful reaction other than “Doubtful” as most have not realized the fluorine formulation or may think there is nothing harmful about fluoride bioaccumulation.

Armed with the power of knowledge (and truth), we can make educated choices to minimize (and better yet) avoid intentional fluoride exposure.

I regret more than I can express that my dental hygiene profession totally subscribed to the harmful practice of treating patients with topical fluoride and prescribing tablets and fluoride-containing toothpaste and rinses.

Be safe, be smart and read on.

Healthy regards,
Jackie Burgess, RDH (ret)

Special Acknowledgement
Thanks to Erling’s work with the anti water-fluoridation movement in Portland (Oregon), and his knowledge of the book, Deadly Medicine (Moore 1995), he was aware of the fluorine component in flecainide and pursued data not easily found. His invaluable contacts at FAN (Fluoride Action Network) enabled him to secure a study revealing the biotransformation properties of flecainide, the subject of this post, along with many other studies linking fluoride toxicity to cellular damage of which afibbers need to be aware. His extensive research stash saved me countless hours. I am most grateful.

Thank you Erling for trying to wake us up -- most recently with your succinct summation of the scientsts’ facts ('horrors'?) titled Fluoride / fluoridation at [www.afibbers.org]

Flecainide Alert
I. Introduction - The Science
II. Detrimental Effects of Fluoride on the Body
III. Sources of Fluoride - some hidden; some, not.
IV. Remedy Considerations
V. Research & Reference URLs

The Class Ic Antiarrhythmic, Flecainide Acetate, is a fluorinated drug compound that partially metabolizes or breaks down to fluoride measurable in serum samples. Fluoride is a known poison that has cumulative, toxic effects in the body. Damage to the body from fluoride toxicity is documented in large numbers of studies and includes myocardial dysplasia, interference with critical ion pumps and enzymes, breakdown of collagen, dysfunction of thyroid gland and other tissues by iodide displacement along with other damaging interferences including osteoporosis, cancer, injury to the central nervous system by an excitotoxic mechanism and a profound, prolonged effect on the brain promoting violent behavior, uncontrollable aggression, hostility and more. Afibbers need to be aware of the cumulative effects of fluoride exposure from all sources both hidden and overt. This report is intended to inform and educate about the detrimental effects of intentionally adding to one’s fluoride toxic bioburden.

Part I follows in a separate post - same thread- along with the first segment of corresponding Resources. Upon completion, the entire Part V will be a continuous list.
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 15, 2013 02:22PM

Part 1… Connecting the dots….

Fluorine is used to compound flecainide acetate, the Class Ic Antiarrhythmic drug frequently prescribed for atrial fibrillation.

While not generally common knowledge, fluorine is very useful in compounding pharmaceutical drugs (and in agribusiness as well). It readily combines with hydrogen and carbon with highly desirable, strong bonds which leads to findings that in spite of the typically-strong fluorine bond, some degree of metabolism or biotransformation can and does occur. This liberates toxic fluoride into the blood stream and stimulates concern over fluoride toxicity and the risks of cumulative effects.

Current estimates are that approximately 25% of all marketed pharmaceutical drugs are fluorinated compounds including three of the 10 best selling drugs in 2010.

Fluorine/fluoride is a poison. It is not an essential element in body composition nor is it a useful or required nutritional component. It does not prevent tooth decay. Fluoride kills cells, interrupts critical enzyme activity essential to life and directly targets ATPase, the enzyme involved in sodium/potassium ion pump activity, especially vital to those with arrhythmias. Fluoride clearly interferes with the biological activity of magnesium, the fundamental nutrient required to maintain normal heart rhythm.

Although the toxicity of fluoride is well-documented, it seems not to be flagged as dangerous by the FDA considering the large number of approved fluoridated drugs on the market. There seems to be a disconnect or a lack of concern in relating all sources of fluoride exposure as contributing to a long list of health consequences resulting from excess fluoride exposure and cumulative toxicity. It’s unknown how many health abnormalities are actually caused by excess fluoride exposure, but the numbers are most likely staggering considering documented findings from a wide range of studies.

Fluoride displaces Iodide and causes thyroid dysfunction - a known contributor to heart rhythm disturbances. We can’t discuss fluoride ingestion without thinking “iodine deficiency” in the same breath. Two sides of the same coin. Iodine deficiency causes many other health issues not always traced to that source, unfortunately. Two other halogens also block Iodine absorption and thyroid function—chlorine and bromine (brominated flour and vegetable oil). Iodine levels have fallen over 50% in the past 30 years due to increasing exposure to toxic halides fluoride, bromide and perchlorate. Research shows that fluoride is much more toxic in the presence of iodine deficiency and iodine deficiency is rampant affecting about 90% of the population. .

With the increasing numbers of atrial fibrillation patients, we should consider the influence of fluoride toxicity as at least contributory if not causal to this condition.

The elephant in the room is obviously, water fluoridation, and while this report is not about toxic chemicals intentionally added to municipal drinking water, it is unavoidably part of any discussion on fluoride exposure, toxicity and the bioaccumulation concern. No meaningful discourse can be presented without also addressing the intake of fluoridated water, as well as other fluoride sources from foods, beverages, drugs, vaccines, dental and environmental as contributory to a myriad of health ailments. Keep that in mind as you read. Few people are aware of hidden fluoride sources that contribute to their total cumulative burden. Fewer still, suspect Rx drugs as a source.

Once in the body, fluoride has an affinity for hydroxy appetite (HA) bone tissue. Bone is the lifelong repository for fluoride accumulations. Fluoride causes weak bones, osteoporosis, osteofluorosis and many spinal dysfunctions. If you take in 2 mg of fluoride, you’ll excrete 1 mg and the other remains detectable in your bones at death.

The Pineal gland in the brain is not protected by the Blood Brain Barrier. Fluoride accumulations are found in the HA portion of the pineal gland disrupting melatonin and serotonin production and causing among other things, insomnia related to circadian properties. Pineal calcifications are elevated in Alzheimer and dementia patients.

Fluoride is found to contribute to cancer in organs that have higher iodine requirements-- breast, endometrium, ovary and prostate. Chicken and egg theory of which comes first - fluoride toxicity or iodine deficiency that allows fluoride to accumulate in toxic amounts? It’s found that those not iodine deficient are affected less frequently by fluoride exposure. It varies by individual. Some patients low in iodine are also found to be sensitive to bromide exposure as well.

Reactions can vary between high and low and some people seem to produce no outward signs or symptoms. However, the toxic damage can remain silent until the cumulative effects manifest; i.e., a welder who has worked 40 years in good health is stricken later in life with Parkinson’s-like symptoms of brain neurotoxicity and degeneration from breathing welding fumes containing fluoride..

It is known that in communities with fluoridated water, the fluoride content is not metered out at close tolerance levels with strict monitoring. Often, levels exceed what the EPA deems ‘safe’ so many people are unknowingly receiving toxic doses some of which accumulates as bioburden.

Additionally, water is artificially fluoridated by using a very toxic mixture of chemicals that are waste by-products of the phosphate mining industry, aluminum production, nuclear (uranium) bomb production and include not only hydrofluosilicic acid/silicofluoride but aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and lead…. all toxins and damaging to the body.

Some areas in the US have naturally-occurring moderate-to-high levels of fluoride. (35 states) which affects the water and soil. Those residents are also at risk for elevated bioburden levels although the natural fluoride (calcium fluoride) is less harmful than the industrial waste products.

The fluoride deception has fostered science-based websites to educate the public on fluoride toxicity including that in pharmaceutical compounds. A documentary Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy, was released in January 2013 exposing the fluoride cover-ups and misconceptions.

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) at www.fluoridealert.org/‎ is the most complete, reliable source of science-based information.


In 1970, complaints to doctors about skipped beats and heart palpitations in otherwise healthy hearts was common and on the rise.

By 1978, the race was on to market a drug that effectively managed PVCs and flecainide was new on the market. Riker Labs (later bought by 3M) developed the fluorinated compound, Flecainide (Tambocor), which was first used to manage these premature beats, specifically PVCs (premature ventricular complexes) with quite satisfactory results.

As further excitement over the new drug evolved, flecainide was prescribed for patients with ventricular arrhythmias and resulted in massive deaths. Many unanswered questions remain… When did the deaths start? How were they reported? Was there an FDA Adverse Event Reporting System in place back then? What was the biochemical mechanism that promoted the fatalities?

• A 1991 study reports the antiarrhythmic drug, flecainide, metabolizes to measurable amounts of fluoride in serum of humans.3

What is not stated in most recounts of the flecainide deaths is whether the exact cause was known at that time. Obviously, patients are not continuing to die from flecainide, but what remains unknown or better stated, remains unrevealed, is the exact mechanism that caused those early deaths-- other than it initially was used in ventricular arrhythmia patients who were already seriously compromised. What was it about flecainide that caused such consistently deadly reactions?

However, as commonly acknowledged, over time, flecanide can become pro-arrhythmic in patients who previously had success. The question is - why does that happen?

It’s time to examine the potential influences and effects of the fluorine compound in flecainide that partially metabolizes and releases fluoride into the blood stream.

• Deadly Medicine – The Book4

Flecainide acetate (Tambocor) is the focus of the book Deadly Medicine by Thomas J. Moore (1995) which chronicles the drug's development, approval by the US FDA and marketing history from 1972 to 1994. It asserts that neglect and cover-ups on the part of the pharmaceuticals, academics and FDA officials involved in its approval and marketing led to the deaths of 50,000 - 200,000 people who took the drug. Flecainide was originally sold under the trade name Tambocor (manufactured by 3M pharmaceuticals). Flecainide went off-patent February 10, 2004, and is now available in generic version and under the trade names Almarytm, Apocard, Ecrinal, and Flécaine.

-Tambocor (flecainide) was “initially approved for life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias… without the evidence of efficacy from well-controlled trials that the law seems to so clearly require.” (Deadly Medicine p156)

- Tambocor “can both suppress life-threatening arrhythmias and cause them” (reports Dr. Robert Temple head of the Office of Drug Evaluation for the FDA who was involved with Tambocor’s approval process) (DM p156)

-Temple: “Compared to other drugs I’ve seen, the capacity for Tambocor to worsen arrhythmia—to be toxic—is more impressive.” (DM p 149)

- “Doctors were warned to limit the use of Tambocor in less severe arrhythmias to ‘patients in whom, in the opinion of the physicians, the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks.’” (DM p 156)

“Once flecainide was released for use on patients and they began dying, the alarm bells went off which initiated a series of tests and small studies…”

Source: Deadly Medicine: Why Tens of Thousands of Heart Patients Died in America's Worst Drug Disaster - See Book Review in Section V. Excellent synopsis.

• Warning Issued on 2 Heart Drugs after Deaths of Patients in a Test (1989) 5
Representatives of both the drug companies said they were working with the FDA to change the instructions on how their drugs could be used and would immediately send a letter to all doctors advising them of the revised drug instructions. A Bristol-Myers official said patients with unused quantities of its drug could return them to pharmacies for reimbursement, but a representative of Riker Laboratories said no decision had been made by his company on such marketing issues. “‘Stunned and shocked, Dr. Thomas Killip, medical director at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, and one of the study investigators, said even the negative results made the trial worth the effort.

''Absolutely, unequivocally, this trial was a success because we have identified two drugs of a type that are more dangerous than the disease they are supposed to treat,'' Dr. Killip said in a telephone interview.

''Every single one of the anti-arrhythmic drugs we use have potential toxicities and the question is whether the risks are worth the benefits,'' he continued. ''In the case of these two drugs, we've answered the question.

Part 2. What the science reveals about fluoride liberated from flecainide…. Afibbers, take note

Four major findings out of many potential consequences of fluoride either liberated from flecainide or other combined exposure sources:

• Study shows serum levels of fluoride increase as a result of consuming the drug flecainide. 3

• Disrupts enzyme activity. Attacks DNA and protein.(Yiamouyannis)6

• Inhibition of the Na,K-ATPase by Fluoride Parallels with its Inhibition of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca-ATPase.7

• Fluoride beaks down collagen8

• Fluoride ion clearly interferes with the biological activity of magnesium ions.9

1. Relationship between serum concentrations of flecainide and fluoride in humans3
Rimoli, C
. Carducci, C.N. Dabas, C. Vescina, C. Quindimil, M.E. Mascaro, A. Boll. Chim. Farmaceutico 130(7):279-82.[1991] Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentine.

Synopsis: Serum ionic fluoride
Six healthy human subjects, 3 male (m) and 3 female (f), ranging in age from 24 to 54 years, weighing from 50 to 80 kg, were studied for biotransformation of flecainide's fluorine into serum ionic fluoride. Serum fluoride levels were measured at 0, 3, 4.5 and 6 hours after a 100 mg oral dose of flecainide.

Following are the results from Table 1. Note the 3-fold increase in serum fluoride 4.5 hours after the flecainide dose.

Subject Serum fluoride levels at 0, 3, 4.5, and 6 hrs after flecainide dose
1) m .........14.6 ... 31.5 ... 40.3 ... 39.0 ng/ml
2) m ........ 15.6 ... 16.1 ... 51.7 ... 40.3 ng/ml
3) m .......... 7.2 ... 18.1 ... 24.8 ... 19.8 ng/ml
4) f .......... 12.5 ... 20.7 ... 30.4 ... 23.1 ng/ml
5) f .......... 16.1 ... 18.3 ... 50.2 ... 20.8 ng/ml
6) f .......... 10.5 ... 15.6 ... 41.0 ... 32.0 ng/ml

2. Disrupts enzyme activity. Attacks DNA and protein 6

Biochemist, PhD fluoride researcher, John Yiamouyiannis, in his influential 'Fluoride - The Aging Factor’ (1993), described how the fluorine ion disrupts enzyme activity and attacks DNA and protein. In his theories, backed by research, Quote: “the fluorine ion particularly disrupts hydrogen bonds.

When chemicals are dumped together, the elements that have a higher bonding affinity will "steal" the bonds from other elements. Because it holds its electrons more tightly than any other element, fluorine forms the smallest negatively charged ions of all the elements, and that small size allows them to go where larger ions cannot.

Those fluorine ions can get into the nooks and crannies of larger molecules, such as enzymes and DNA, and wreak biological havoc. Those fluorine ions disrupt weaker bonds in those larger molecules, damaging or destroying the original substance, disabling its biochemical usefulness. The fluorine ion acts similarly to "free radicals" in the body, with its net electrical charge interfering with biochemical reactions.
That is how the fluorine ion harms or kills people."

3. Enzymes needed to operate the Sodium/Potassium ion pump to insure normal sinus rhythm.

Inhibition of the Na,K-ATPase by Fluoride Parallels with its Inhibition of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca-ATPase 7 Alexander J. Murphy and J. Craig Hoover Department of Biochemistry, School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, San Francisco, California ) The Journal of Biological Chemistry 1992

Key points:

• That fluoride is an inhibitor of the Na,K-ATPase has been known for some time (Opit et al., 1966; Yoshida et al., 1968). [Page 5 DISCUSSION] see Part V Research

• .... we have shown here that fluoride itself produces inhibition.

• The slowness with which fluoride exerts its effect suggests the occurrence of a concomitant slow structural rearrangement of the Na,K-ATPase.

The main concern with fluoride as regards AF is its direct inhibition of Na/K pump activity, also of other pumps such as Ca-ATPase, probably all P-type ATPases [en.wikipedia.org].

See for example: Inhibition by "slow structural rearrangement of the pump" indicates fluoride's degradation of the protein's functional structure.

Note: For clarity and specific examples of functioning Na/K ion pumps, refer to page 3 in CR 72 [www.afibbers.org] and click on References 4, 5 and 6 to follow the pump function animation.

Specifically note the animations showing the pump mechanism of how sodium and potassium flow in and out of cells.

If pumps can’t function, there will be arrhythmias and more.

4. Fluoride Breaks Down Collagen 8
Showing "that fluoride itself produces inhibition" verifies the science of John Yiamouyannis et al..See Fluoride- The Aging Factor, Chapter 4 Breaking Down the Body's Glue The body’s glue is Collagen. High collagen content in heart valves and chorda tendenae.

“Fluoride damages collagen anywhere in the body. This is one of the major causes of heart attacks, back pain, weak knees”… (p 199 Healing is Voltage/Tennant 2011)

5. Magnesium interference 9

The Fluoride-Magnesium Interaction was examined in the journal Fluoride in 1995 and brought to this forum in a post on 12/31/12 by Erling with 13 related references. [www.afibbers.org] which states:

The toxic effect of fluoride ion plays a key role in acute Mg deficiency. The amount of F- assimilated by living organisms constantly increases and Mg absorption diminishes as a consequence of progressively advancing industrialization.

Fibrosis Implications from Magnesium Deficiency

The Conference Room Sessions on the role of Cardiac Fibrosis and Arrhythmia emphasize that with magnesium deficiency, the body can’t produce the enzymes required to manage or control the formation of fibrosis. Cardiac fibrosis or “scar” as the EPs reference it, interferes with the heart’s electrical conduction signals which results in atrial fibrillation. Studies show that fluoride toxicity promotes respiratory dysfunction including pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, apnea, dyspnea, pulmonary edema and tachycardia and COPD.

1980 - Fluoride (in vitamins or water) interferes with magnesium metabolism in the body according to Dr. John R. Marier, of the Division of Biological Sciences at the Canadian National Research Council, Ottawa, in a paper published in The Proceedings of the Finnish Dental Society, vol. 76, 1980, pages 82-102. This is significant because fluoride toxicity is increased when magnesium levels are low. Magnesium deficiency is widespread in the U.S., especially among children and teenagers, reaching the 99th percentile among young women. [www.doctoryourself.com]

2013 – Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Magnesium advocate, writes that she had reported magnesium helps heal Cipro damage and says she failed to emphasize fully the Fluoride-Magnesium Interaction so elaborates in a current report Fluoride Kills Magnesium [drcarolyndean.com]

The Magnesium Water website by Paul Mason offers seven hyperlinked pages of reports relating to the fluoride and magnesium topic. [tinyurl.com]

More details at Mg water [www.mgwater.com]

References on Magnesium Interference in Part V for Research & Reference URL’s

V. Research & Reference URL’s (relating to Part 1)

1. July 1, 2007 Hydrate safely - What's in your water? [www.afibbers.org]

2. Flecainide molecular structure [en.wikipedia.org]

3. Relationship between serum concentrations of flecainide and fluoride in humans (1991) Rimoli, C. Carducci, C.N. Dabas, C. Vescina, C. Quindimil, M.E. Mascaro, A. (24 references)

Concluding commentary:
The results from the subjects in this study indicated that fluoride serum data were significantly increased after a single po dose of flecainide acetate but these fluoride levels were within the values reported in populations drinking fluorinated without any measurable side effects [8].

Taking into account the safety [19] and side effects [1, 9, 14] of fluoride in human beings, it would be significant to give consideration to the intake of fluoride during oral flecainide therapy.

(Request a copy of the full study by sending me a Private Message)

4. Deadly Medicine by Thomas J. Moore (1995) See the book review at the very last entry of the Resources List.

Metabolism of Fluorine-Containing Drugs [www.slashdocs.com]

5. Warning Issued on 2 Heart Drugs after Deaths of Patients in a Test (1989) '' [www.nytimes.com]

6. Fluoride Disrupts enzyme activity. Attacks DNA and protein
J Yiamouyannis, Fluoride: The Aging Factor,. Delaware, Ohio: Health Action Press, 1993 [www.afibbers.org]

7. Inhibition of the Na,K-ATPase by Fluoride Parallels with its Inhibition of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca-ATPase Alexander J. Murphy and J. Craig Hoover Department of Biochemistry, School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, San Francisco, California (5) The Journal of Biological Chemistry 1992 [www.jbc.org] [www.jbc.org]

That fluoride is an inhibitor of the Na,K-ATPase has been
known for some time (Opit et al., 1966; Yoshida et al., 1968).
These studies also described (at least in a qualitative way) the
effects of various ligands on the inhibition by fluoride. A later
report (Robinson et al., 1986) implied that complexes of
fluoride with aluminum, which have been found to interact
with a number of proteins (Sternweiss and Gilman, 1982; Bigay
et al., 1985; Dupuis et al., 1989), were the inhibitory species.
We were interested in the extent to which (a) fluoride in the
absence of aluminum was inhibitory, as we found for the SR
CaATPase (Murphy and Coll, 1992(a), and (b) the inhibitory
effects of fluoride toward these two ion pumps were similar.
Employing deferoxamine to bind endogenous aluminum (or
possibly another metal simulating aluminum's effect), we have
shown here that fluoride itself produces inhibition. Because
of the slow rate at which inhibition occurred and the very
slow rate of reversal (Table I), fluoride may be classified as a
slow, tight-binding inhibitor of the Na,K-ATPase (Morrison,
1982; Morrison and Walsh, 1988). The slowness with which
fluoride exerts its effect suggests the occurrence of a concomitant
slow structural rearrangement of the Na,K-ATPase.
Study the complete report at the jbc.org link.

The main concern [there are many others] with fluoride as regards AF is its direct inhibition of Na/K pump activity, also of other pumps such as Ca-ATPase, probably all P-type ATPases [en.wikipedia.org]. March 30, 2012 Anonymous User (Erling) [www.afibbers.org]

8. Fluoride Breaks down Collagen: Showing “that fluoride itself produces inhibition" verifies the science of John Yiamouyiannis et al; See 'Fluoride - The Aging Factor’ (1993) Chapt. 4, Breaking down the Body’s Glue. (The Glue is Collagen) [www.whale.to]

Extensive list of Fluoride links including that of John Yiamouyiannis, PhD, NHF Science Director… Leading fluoride Researcher who says:

“Ignorance, apathy, greed and fear provide a well-balanced diet for tyranny. The thalidomide tragedy, the swine flu hoax and the fluoridation fiasco represent only the top of the iceberg of the ravages of tyranny in the United States. Tyranny comes easily. Freedom takes work.” [www.afibbers.org]

9. Fluoride Interference with Magnesium [www.afibbers.org] - 13 related study references.

Fluoride-magnesium Interaction (Guest Editorial) by A Machoy-Mokrzynska (Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pomeranian Medical Academy, Szczecin, Poland) Fluoride (J. of the International Society for Fluoride Research), Vol. 28 No. 4; November, 1995, pp 175-177
The toxic effect of fluoride ion plays a key role in acute Mg deficiency. The amount of F- assimilated by living organisms constantly increases, and Mg absorption diminishes as a consequence of progressively advancing industrialization. Fluoride ion clearly interferes with the biological activity of magnesium ion. [www.mgwater.com]

Fluoride Kills Magnesium Carolyn Dean MD ND | May 25, 2013 [drcarolyndean.com]

Fluoride (in vitamins or water) interferes with magnesium metabolism in the body according to Dr. John R. Marier, of the Division of Biological Sciences at the Canadian National Research Council, Ottawa, in a paper published in The Proceedings of the Finnish Dental Society, vol. 76, 1980, pages 82-102. This is significant because fluoride toxicity is increased when magnesium levels are low. Magnesium deficiency is widespread in the U.S., especially among children and teenagers, reaching the 99th percentile among young women. [www.doctoryourself.com]

Cardiac Fibrosis and Remodeling – The Role of Fibrosis in Atrial Fibrillation -Conference Room Session 24 - 2004 [www.afibbers.org]

Afib and Cardiac Fibrosis –CR Session 75 - 2012 [www.afibbers.org]

Pulmonary Fibrosis and fluoride toxicity - 1,340,000 Google results [fficial&client=firefox-a&channel=np&source=hp" rel="nofollow">www.google.com]
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 15, 2013 09:19PM

I appreciate your efforts here.

My thought - is this a first order problem or a 10th order problem. For example, strokes are a first order problem. Potential calcification caused by warfarin is, in my opinion a 5th or 6th order problem. It is real, it is a problem, but if you stroke out, it doesn't matter. And you can potentially offset this issue by supplementing with 50mcg K-2/day.

For me, afib is a first order problem.

I'm guessing somebody could do the math to put this in perspective. For example, if someone drinks "optimally flouridated water." I know people think there shouldn't be any in the water, but if you did, what is the daily dose. How does this compare to a 100, 200 or 300 mg daily dose of flec? Obviously if you use flec infrequently as PIP, this reduces the exposure.


Re: Flecainide Alert
October 15, 2013 10:02PM
As a fairly new reader, I am stunned. Jackie, you say you don't want to be alarmist but this looks alarmist to me.

I have taken flec for almost 5 years; it is only thing I have found that doesn't make me feel terrible or have ridiculous side effects. Would you recommend Amiodarone? That has plenty of your iodine in it. I know a person whose lungs were basically destroyed by amiodarone. I would not take that.

Calling a chemical that is added to the water supply of almost every major city (except Portland) (as well as most smaller cities) a poison is very alarmist IMO.

George, don't you take flecainide PIP? Are you going to stop?

Not buying it,

Re: Flecainide Alert
October 15, 2013 11:24PM
Flec was great for me as a PIP prior to ablation. I am not worried about fluoride. Maybe I should be, along with a hundred other things out there trying to get me.
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 12:00AM

Yes I take flec PIP. Yes I will use it if needed in the future. While I don't discount issues with fluoride (heck, calcium was the issue with my afib for nearly a year of increased episodes), I look at afib as a much more pressing issue than fluoride. Especially using flec infrequently as PIP, I'm not overly concerned. Perhaps it makes sense to supplement with significant doses of iodine, as Jackie does. Or, with flec as PIP, maybe extra iodine at that time to mitigate long term potential adverse consequences from fluoride. If I were taking warfarin, I would certainly supplement with K-2. I'd be more concerned if I were taking it daily. However, look at another choice for a rhythm med, amiodarone. It is considered the most effective. It has many side effects, and many that come on relatively rapidly. I would certainly choose taking flec over being in afib. Maybe this is not a good choice, who knows.

I also consider that flec can cause high rate flutter (as experienced by Shannon) as something of greater concern (again this is a first order problem).

In an ideal world, there is much we would not do. We don't live in an ideal world and must make choices to optimize our situation, given the hand we are dealt.

Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 03:26AM
Flec is safe and effective
End of story

Goodnight Now
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 01:33PM
George - In my notes from an interview with Dr. Kennedy who did the documentary, Fluoridegate... I have figures on amounts accumulated from various sources which would then be added to that which is intentionally dosed from pharmaceutical delivery. When I've posted the rest of the segments, I'll dig out those equivalancies and post.

For me, with all my thyroid problems not being resolved and coinciding with the years when I used the flecainide, I don't see it's a coincidence... especially since I had other symptoms of iodine deficiency. Keep in mind that I did not have fluoride in my water at home so that most likely was not my major source of fluoride.

This is just an alert for those who are intersted in eliminating as many toxins as possible. I switched to Rythmol and used it once for PIP and it worked just as well as flecainide so I'm happy to have found a fluoride-free alternative.

I'll be posting yet today, the other segments.. .and then Part 2 on the affects of fluoride on the brain... which are much more alarming as brain dysfunctions are on the rise.

Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 02:04PM

• Heart – Myocardial damage - enzymes and magnesium interference – fibrosis

• Can induce inflammatory responses and interferes with antioxidant response

• Collagen Inhibition - high collagen content in heart valves and chords (Chordae tendineae are approximately 80% collagen)

• Thyroid – Iodine depletion connected to thyroid dysfunction and Afib plus vascular and cancer due to interference with apoptosis

• Damages enzymes systems: Stomach – digestive issues result from enzyme dysfunction; low stomach acid production.

• Bone – fluoride poisons bone cells causing weak bones, osteoporosis and osteofluorosis and spinal deformities and crippling disabilities

• Brain – neurotoxicity – mental impairment and lowered IQ, violence and aggression toward others

• Pineal gland calcifications – insomnia, neurodegenerative disorders

• In healthy adults, the kidneys are able to excrete approximately 50% of an ingested fluoride dose. However, adults with kidney disease may excrete as little as 10 to 20% - thus increasing the body burden of fluoride and increasing an individual's susceptibility to fluoride poisoning (e.g. renal osteodystrophy).

• Fluorinated, appetite-suppressing drug (Fen-Phen) was withdrawn from the market because it caused heart valve damage and cardiac fibrosis among other things.

• Many more reports on conditions caused by fluoride exposure are available by Internet searches.

This begs the question:
If someone is taking flecainide for a very short period of time in low doses, is this highly critical? Most likely, yes. Some individuals are more sensitive than others and without knowing their historical and existing total load from environmental sources, it’s a guess as to how far-reaching the cumulative effects. Why risk it? The science says fluoride is a known poison. Dr. Brownstein observes that those with low iodine stores are likely to be much more sensitive to fluoride exposure, which would mean the fluoride from any source then becomes even more dangerous.

Read this entire report carefully. Study the links provided and ask yourself, “Does it makes sense to knowingly add to your fluoride toxicity bioburden by taking a drug formulated with fluorine?” Key points are documented in the Resource Reference Section V. If you’re doubtful, then read about flecainide/Tambocor in Deadly Medicine. That convinced me.

Fluoride has been called The Silent Assassin in many pharmaceutical drugs

In order not to dilute the attention from Heart Health, details on Brain Health, Fluoride Toxicity, Brain Function and the Pineal gland calcifications will be addressed in Part 2 of this Flecainide Alert since the associative science is extensive. If we don’t have brain function, not much else matters. Become familiar with this segment. Alert Part 2 will be added in a few weeks.

Source: [www.fluoridealert.org]

Myo = muscle Cardi = heart

Excerpts from the Scientific Literature
Structural damage to the heart resulting from fluoride toxicity has been observed in numerous human and animal studies. The general features of this damage include cloudy swelling, vacuolization or vacuolar degeneration, hemorrhages, interstitial edema, fibrous necrosis, dissolution of nuclei, and thickening of the vessel walls in the heart muscle (Basha and Sujitha, 2011; Cicek et al., 2005; Shashi and thapar, 2001; Pribilla, 1968; Takamori et al., 1956).

Fluoride-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory response have been demonstrated in humans and experimental animals (Barbier et al., 2010), and are likely responsible for this myocardial cell damage (Varol and Varol, 2012). In studies of the cardiovascular system, rats treated chronically with high levels of fluoride have reduced activity of antioxidant enzymes in the heart (Basha and Sujitha, 2011; Cicek et al., 2005), and toxic concentrations of fluoride have been shown to increase gene expression of inflammatory-related molecules in rabbit aorta (Ma et al., 2012).

“In conclusion, fluoride and arsenic induce the expression of key molecules involved in cell adhesion molecules, chemokines, and proinflammatory cytokines both at mRNA and protein levels. Our data contribute to the concept that induction of inflammatory responses, but not lipid metabolic disorder, may play an important role in the mechanism of the cardiovascular toxicity of arsenic and fluoride.”
SOURCE: Ma Y, et al. (2012). Inflammatory responses induced by fluoride and arsenic at toxic concentration in rabbit aorta. Arch Toxicol 86:849-56.

“In the present investigation, pathological changes, viz. extensive interstitial oedema, fibrous necrosis, and cloudy swellings were significant in the myocardium of all fluoridated rabbits of each group. The degree of myocardial damage seemed to be directly proportional to the dosage of fluoride administered. Since there are degenerative changes in myocardial fibres in acute poisoning due to massive doses of fluoride, the effect of persistent minute doses of fluoride cannot be ignored.”
SOURCE: Shashi A, Thapar SP. (2001). Histopathology of myocardial damage in experimental fluorosis in rabbits. Fluoride 34(1):43-50.

“The results of histological sections in the present study showed signs of severe cloudy swelling, sarcoplasmic vacuolization, small hemorrhages, interstitial edema, fibrous necrosis, dissolution of nuclei, fibrillolysis, edematous fluid in the interstitial spaces and extensive vacuolization of both auricle and ventricle regions on exposure to chronic fluoride.”
SOURCE: Basha MP, Sujitha NS. (2011). Chronic fluoride toxicity and myocardial damage: antioxidant offered protection in second generation rats. Toxicol Int 18(2):99-104.

“In soft tissues, [fluoride] interferes by inhibiting numerous enzymes, finally leading to the production of free radicals. Its accumulation in soft tissues causes injury by reducing the potential of scavenging free radicals, which critically injure the biological membranes. Intensified free radical production or disturbed antioxidant level leads to oxidative stress, which is known to be a key etiopathological factor in a variety of cardiac diseases such as heart failure and ischemic heart disease.”
SOURCE: Basha MP, Sujitha NS. (2011). Chronic fluoride toxicity and myocardial damage: antioxidant offered protection in second generation rats. Toxicol Int 18(2):99-104.

“The sialic acid/glycosaminoglycan ratio [diagnostic test to assess chronic exposure to fluoride] in patients with coronary artery ectasia [abnormal dilation of arteries surrounding the heart] was significantly lower than in controls…We demonstrated that chronic fluoride exposure has an important role in pathogenesis of coronary artery ectasia.”
SOURCE: Dede O, et al. (2011). Chronic fluoride exposure has a role in etiology of coronary artery ectasia: sialic acid/glycosaminoglycan ratio. Biol Trace Elem Res 143:695-701.

“…prolonged ingestion of fluoride through drinking water, particularly with high doses, induced significant histopathological and biochemical changes leading to myocardial tissue damage. …fluoride probably increases the production of reactive oxygen species. It is believed that fluoride toxicity is brought about by oxidative stress and, thus, the probably interaction between fluoride and the myocardial metabolism can be responsible for histopathological and biochemical changes in myocardial tissue.”
SOURCE: Cicek E, et al. (2005). Effects of chronic ingestion of sodium fluoride on myocardium in a second generation of rats. Human Exper Toxicol 24:79-87.

“In the experiments described here the fluoride concentration required for significant or maximal effect [cAMP accumulation in rat aorta and diaphragm] was near or below the normal plasma fluoride concentrations of 0.5-2.0 µM (Taves,1968). Thus it could be speculated that normal function of both smooth and skeletal muscle might be influenced by small changes in plasma fluoride levels.”
SOURCE: Allmann DW, et al. (1986). Stimulation of cAMP accumulation in rat aorta and diaphragm by fluorine containing compounds. Res Comm Chem Pathol Pharmacol 52(3):275-84.

“Our observations showed that the myocardial damage was proportional to the fluoride content of drinking water and to the extent of mottled enamel [i.e. dental fluorosis].”
SOURCE: Okushi I. (1954a). Changes in the heart muscle due to chronic fluorosis. Part I: Electrocardiogram and cardiac x-rays in inhabitants of a high fluoride zone. (Abstracted from) Shikoku Acta Medica 5:159-165.

“Histologically, regressive degeneration, cellular infiltration, hyperemia, hemorrhages and thickening of vessel wall were noted in the heart muscle [of rabbits given sodium fluoride orally]. The degree of myocardial damage was proportionate to the dosage of sodium fluoride and the length of time of its administration.”
SOURCE: Okushi I. (1954b). Changes in the heart muscle due to chronic fluorosis. Part II: Experimental studies on the effects of sodium fluoride upon the heart muscle of rabbits. (Abstracted from) Shikoku Acta Medica 5:238-45.


Thyroid dysfunction is a common finding among those with Atrial Fibrillation.

Any influence that would even remotely interfere with the function of Iodine and therefore, thyroid function, is immediately suspect. Since both hypo-and hyper-thyroidism are found in those with atrial fibrillation, consideration to fluoride interference with iodine is common sense, but most likely, your GP, cardiologist or EP has never asked if you drink fluoridated water or had your iodine levels tested. I know mine did not, (not even the Endocrinologists) but I requested the Iodine/Iodide Loading test to learn more.

• Iodine deficiency alone or as a result of result of fluoride exposure is a known complication in thyroid dysfunction which can promote various heart ailments. The fluoride experts say that hypo- and hyper-thyroidism is endemic in this country from elevated fluoride levels from all sources coupled with wide-spread iodine deficiency…it’s the perfect storm.

• Fluoride displaces iodide in tissue and interferes with thyroid function although because it mimics iodine, thyroid tests look normal.

• Fluoride inhibits the enzyme process (5’ deiodinase) that is responsible for converting T4 to T3 and results in low T3 and elevated Reverse T3.

• Fluoride and bromide block the uptake and utilization of iodide in target cells [Abraham 2004]. As little as 0.2 ppm fluoride stimulates superoxide production in resting white blood cells, virtually abolishing phagocytosis. Even micro-molar amounts of fluoride, below 1 ppm, may seriously depress the ability of white blood cells to destroy pathogenic agents [Curnette]. Fluoride inhibits antibody formation in the blood [Jain].

• From Healing is Voltage by biophysicist Jerry Tennant, MD:
“The problem is that fluoride is a "bully". the thyroid hormone T4 is a protein comprised of tyrosine attached to four iodides. However, when you consume fluoride, it displaces the iodides and you get fake thyroid hormone.

One problem is that our blood tests can't tell the difference between the real and the fake hormone. Another problem is that the fake one doesn't work. Thus your blood tests are normal but your body is really deficient of functional thyroid hormone. This is called Type II hypothyroidism. Because most Americans consume fluoride in water, toothpaste, visits to the dentist, etc., most Americans have Type II hypothyroidism!!!”

• There are 175 references relating to relating to symptoms/conditions of Fluoride Toxicity and related Thyroid Dysfunction resulting from Iodine deficiency in Healing is Voltage [Research Sec. V]

What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You – Fluoride: Damning New Evidence by Researcher, Doris Jones who has unearthed startling new evidence demonstrating that fluoride interferes with enzymes systems, damaging many organs systems of the body. If you aren’t yet convinced, read more here [www.nofluoride.com]

Here’s a start: “ The late fluoride critic George L Waldbott discovered that, besides teeth and bones, fluoride can damage soft tissue. According to his research, the small fluorine ion with a high-charge density can combine with other ions and penetrate every cell in the body. It interferes with the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and the function of the parathyroid glands. It has a strong affinity to calcium, but will also readily combine with magnesium and manganese ions and so can interfere with many enzyme systems that require these minerals. The interruption of these enzyme systems, in turn, may disturb carbohydrate metabolism, bone formation and nerve-muscle physiology. Indeed, every vital function in the body depends on enzymes; because fluoride easily reaches every organ, many diverse toxic symptoms can result.”

• "Most diseases are results of disturbances of the enzyme systems," says Professor Abderhalden. "Damage due to fluoride could be shown on 24 enzymes." Enzyme systems react to fluoride in different ways; some are activated, others are inhibited. Lipase (essential for the digestion of fat) and phosphatases are very sensitive to fluoride.

• Stomach and bowel disorders are the main features of fluoride intolerance. Even small amounts of fluoride can form hydrofluoric acid in the stomach to produce gastric pains, nausea and vomiting. Young children are particularly at risk. Fluoride tablets can even cause gastric haemorrhages; in one instance, a 9-year-old boy sustained such damage that he required the removal of large parts of his stomach (Fluoride, 1977; 10: 149-51)

• In areas where water is fluoridated, evidence shows that dangerously high fluoride concentrations accumulate in many soft tissues and organs, including the heart, kidney and bladder; the highest level ever recorded-8400 ppm-was found in the aortas of people living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where fluoride was first introduced in America.

• The heart and blood vessels are affected by fluoride. Cardiac irregularities and low blood pressure have been noted in experimental poisoning using large doses (Publ Health Report, 1956;71:459-67). In 1950, five years after experimental introduction of fluoride into drinking water in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the number of deaths from heart disease nearly doubled (The Grand Rapid Herald, July 28, 1955). Death rates due to cancer, intracranial lesions, diabetes and arteriosclerosis were all markedly increased compared to death rates per 100,000 in the entire state.

• Kidney disease markedly increases an individual’s susceptibility to fluoride toxicity. In healthy adults, the kidneys are able to excrete approximately 50% of an ingested dose of fluoride. However, in adults with kidney disease, the kidneys may excrete as little as 10-20%, and young children may only excrete 15% of an ingested dose—thus increasing the body burden of fluoride and increasing an individual’s susceptibility to fluoride poisoning (e.g. renal osteodystrophy). [www.fluoridealert.org]

Comment: As noted, these are just a few from a large number of detrimental effects noted in the medical literature. Fluoride toxicity has been known for a very long time yet nothing has been done about it nor is it standard procedure to be asked by our physicians when we present with various complaints, if we drink fluoridated water nor do they express any awareness or concern over the harmful effects.

Once the potential for fluoride over-exposure is realized, it makes sense to eliminate pharmaceutical sources of fluoride by choosing safer options and to be mindful of all other sources that may be either hidden or obvious.

III – Sources of Fluoride

As stated in the introduction, some sources of fluoride are obvious; others quite surprising. Note the chicken nuggets comment. Children, love the McDonald’s specialty and other food purveyors have made their own version of McNugget’s. Children are the most vulnerable to toxic bioaccumulation. Following list is by no means complete but gives an idea of how a daily fluoride load might easily be well beyond what anyone has imagined.

• Water… natural fluoride and municipal water fluoridation

• Flecainide and other pharmaceutical drugs made from fluorine compounds

• Vaccines – some contain perfluorinated compounds (PFCs)

• Some anesthesias - halothane, isoflurane, sevoflurane, enflurane, and desflurane

• Dental … toothpaste, rinses, Rx fluoride tabs, topical in-office treatments

• Food and beverages made with fluoridated water ie – soup, stew, canned items, beverages such as sodas, beer, wine, coffee, tea. Tea itself is high in fluoride.

• Reconstituted juice made with fluoridated water.

• Restaurant & packaged-- prepared foods can be hidden sources – whenever fluoridated water is used in the prep… breads, baked goods, pickles, endless considerations

• Non-organic dairy products … antibiotics given to dairy cattle contain fluoride that end up in milk and cheese. Same with meat/poultry-treated with fluoride-containing antibiotics.

• Fumigated foods… esp. imported fresh fruit and vegetables - some meat from offshore sources…Pesticide residues on fruits and veggies.

• Lining of microwave popcorn bags

• Tea leaves naturally accumulate calcium fluoride from the soil and have some of the highest food levels of fluoride. Herbal teas do not – except for chamomile which does accumulate fluoride. White tea has much lower levels of fluoride than green or black. Tea made with fluoridated water – ie restaurants- offer seven more exposure. Instant teas should be avoided completely as the concentrating process increases the fluoride content of the powder significantly. Very bad to drink instant tea.

• Flame retardants, Teflon pans and coatings, Scotchguard and GorTex (Scotchguard containing perfluorooctanyl chemistry used as fabric and carpet protectants were reportedly discontinued in 2001, but if you were exposed to it by upholstered furniture, car seats, carpeting or clothing, it contributed to your bioaccumulation)

• Pesticides and herbicides - commercial and home use - wine, from grapes sprayed with pesticides that contain fluoride – also grapes and grape juice unless organic. [www.organicconsumers.org]

• Air pollution - Fluoride is released into the air in large quantities by aluminum reduction plants, phosphate processors, steel mills, coal burning operations, brick and tile manufacturers, and various less significant source. Extremely detrimental to human and animal health, trees and vegetation. [www.fluoridealert.org]

• Many pharmaceuticals are fluorinated, meaning they contain a carbon-fluorine bond. fluorine.” Although the carbon-fluoride bond in most drugs is strong enough to resist breaking down into fluoride within the body, this is not always the case as research has found that some fluorinated drugs, including Cipro, do break down into fluoride and can thus be a major source of fluoride exposure for some individuals. [www.fluoridealert.org]

• Foods made with mechanically separated meat (e.g., chicken fingers, nuggets, etc), contain elevated levels of fluoride due to the contamination from bone particles that occurs during the mechanical deboning processed. Mechanically processed chicken meats have the highest levels, with chicken sticks containing an average of 3.6 ppmhttp://www.fluoridealert.org/issues/sources/

• Natural water sources of fluoride are thought to be not as toxic as they are calcium fluoride rather than the waste byproduct fluoride compounds added which include aluminum to clarify the water.

Sodium fluoride is used only to a minor degree in municipal water fluoridation.

Then, there is the topic of absorption through the skin when bathing in fluoridated water…or in pools or hot tubs using fluoridated water

Pharmaceutical sources of fluoride
Type into a Wikipedia search, the chemical name of the drug you’ve been prescribed to see the molecular structure diagram… look for the capital letter F… that indicates it is a fluorine compounded drug. Check flecainide. You’ll see the 6 atoms of fluoride in the diagram. [en.wikipedia.org]

Many modern pharmaceuticals (e.g. Prozac, Paxil) contain “organofluorines”. An organofluorine is a chemical compound that contains both carbon and fluorine. The fact, however, that a pharmaceutical is made with an organofluorine does not mean that it will increase your exposure to fluoride. This is because the fluorine in the drug forms a very strong bond with the carbon, and this bond resists metabolizing into fluoride ion. It is generally believed, therefore, that most organofluorine drugs do not contribute to daily fluoride exposure.

There are some organofluorine drugs, however, that do metabolize into fluoride. This is evident by studies finding elevated levels of fluoride showing up in the urine or blood following use of the drug. Because organofluorine drugs contain high quantities of fluorine, any drug that metabolizes into fluoride will likely be a very large source of daily exposure.

Drugs that are known to break down into fluoride ion include: fluorinated anesthetics, Cipro, Niflumic acid, Flecainide, and Voriconazole. It is possible, and indeed likely, that other drugs do so as well, but have not yet been discovered. (evaluated) The following are a list of studies documenting inorganic fluoride exposure from the use of organofluorine drugs: [skip to:] Flecainide: Rimoli CN, et al. (1991). Relationship between serum concentrations of flecainide and fluoride in humans Source:[www.fluoridealert.org]

A few of many fluorine compounded pharmaceuticals in addition to flecainide/Tambocor:
SSRI’s/antidepressants: Paxil, Prozac, Celexa, Luvox and antipsychotic, Stelazine
Statins: Lipitor, Floxin, Levaquin, Lescol, Crestor, Baycol (recalled)
Antifungal: Diflucan
Decongestant: Flonase, Flovent
Appetite suppressant: Fen-Phen (recalled 1997)
Fluoroquinolone drug family that are fluorine compounds
Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
Ciiprofloxacin Extended Release Cipro (SR) and Proquin XR
Gemifloxacin (Factive)
Levofloxacin (Levaquin)
Moxifoxacin (Abelox)
Norfloxacin (Noroxin)
Ofloxacin ( Floxin and generic ofloacin)
Omniflox, Raxar, Trovan, Zagam, and Tequin have all been banned.

Two patient adverse drug reaction reports out of many:

• A male patient, age 36, in previously good health, received Cipro for possible urinary tract infection. For the five years since, he has had chronic, debilitating multi-focal neuropathy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms, a heart arrhythmia requiring a pacemaker, carpal tunnel, and chronic multiple joint pains. He is completely disabled.

• Another man, age 35, previously in good health, took Levaquin for a prostate infection. After just one dose, his symptoms began with ringing in the ears and peripheral nerve symptoms lasting two weeks. Tendonitis quickly followed in his shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and Achilles tendons. After two months, he was still unable to walk more than a short distance.

Todd R. Plumb, M.D, is a physician and Levaquin victim who is trying to help others in similar circumstances. He states that fluoroquinolone toxicity seems to be functional, not structural, since structural abnormalities are not usually seen on the radiological studies of patients with fluoroquinolone toxicity. Dr. Plumb cites the following four possible mechanisms for the damage, based on the research thus far:

1. Inhibition or disruption of the central nervous system GABA receptors
2. Depletion of magnesium and disruption of cellular enzyme function
3. Disruption of mitochondrial function and energy production
4. Oxidative injury and cellular death

Source: Antibiotics to Avoid like the Plague Due to FDA's Oversight Failure [articles.mercola.com] (note that this fits the fluoride toxicity description).

Deadly Cures? - Many Medications Pack a Potentially Lethal Dose of Fluoride [www.rense.com]

Fluoride in grapes, grape juice, wine, soils from fluorinated pesticides [www.naturalnews.com]

List of fluoride containing foods [poisonfluoride.com]

Salt fluoridation [poisonfluoride.com] [poisonfluoride.com]

Joseph Mercola, DO offers a very readable informational warning guide about fluoride including that from the FAN people… which includes detailed sources of fluoride [articles.mercola.com]


The #1 Rule in Toxicology - Separate Self from the Toxic Source

1. Eliminate fluoride exposure from all sources whenever possible.

2. Afibbers should consider changing from flecainide to propafenone (Rythmol). I just changed my PIP emergency supply. My EP, Robert Schweikert, had no problem changing and commented he didn’t know why they tended to prescribe flecanide more than propafenone since they both work equally well.

3. After eliminating fluorine-compounded drugs, assess your drinking water source. Stop drinking fluoridated water. .

4. Supplement with Iodine. Initially, I tested somewhat low and began to supplement very conservatively which wasn’t adequate. I was nervous about revving up a thyroid problem which didn’t happen. As I increased the dosing, I noted improvement in many hypothyroid symptoms even though my Thyroid Profile Tests were all within range except for Reverse T3 which is a complication from fluoride competition although no endocrinologist I’ve seen had any comment or suggestions; nor did they want to know my iodine level. I did need to reduce my Armour Thyroid hormone dosing somewhat. . My dry eyes and dry mouth are now normal.

My iodine repletion program resulted in eliminating two thyroid nodules and shrinking another as indicated by annual thyroid ultrasound monitoring because nodules tend to turn malignant with time. I was elated; the endocrinologist didn’t understand the iodine supplement connection.
Optimizing iodine has additional benefits from the anti-microbial aspect as mentioned in the Iodine - Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Report [Research Resources].

5. One report notes Vitamin D helps reverse fluoride toxicity Chinoy and Sharma found that both vitamin D and D3 reversed the toxic effect of fluoride on male reproductive organs and that a combination of the two antioxidants completely reversed toxicity. Ref. 38 in the Blaylock Excitotoxicity report [References Part 2]

6. Other reports suggest various nutrients can help protect against the harmful effects of fluoride and include vitamin C, magnesium malate, calcium citrate, Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols, 200 micrograms of Selenium and Curcumin – C3 to protect the brain from neurotoxins. Selenium and iodine is known to help prevent cancer.

8. Boron is reported to help detox fluoride…( food sources).

9. A report indicates vitamin C improves defective cellular transport mechanism for iodine… Abraham, G, Brownstein, D. The Original Internist, 1005:12(3):125.-30. [www.optimox.com]

10. If you live in a non-fluoridated water community, consider having your water tested to learn if you have naturally high fluoride content. Check this map to see if your state is indicated for high fluoride areas and then check your specific location. I live in NE Ohio which is on the map but my recent (well) water test listed fluoride as “Not detected in the sample above the minimum detection level.” Parts of Colorado, Kansas and Texas have historically been known to have high natural fluoride in the water. ttp://www.fluoridealert.org/pesticides/levels/index.htm

11. Most water filters do not remove fluoride. Reverse Osmosis removes only 90 -95%. Aluminum filters do remove fluoride but you trade off aluminum residue which is also toxic. See suggestions at this link: 10 Top ways to reduce fluoride exposure. [www.fluoridealert.org]


Former poster, William, had it right. Iodine deficiency is rampant and supplementing does help reverse atrial fibrillation. Last I heard, he was doing well and totally free of his debilitating arrhythmia.

A great book just packed with info on Iodine’s role in maintaining health is The Iodine Crisis – What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life by Lynn Farrow. There is dosing information and anecdotals from patient successes. Two are on atrial fibrillation improvements – one using Lugols and one using Iodoral. She acknowledges the fluoride toxicity connection but focuses more on bromide toxicity and detoxing which is also not only relevant but a huge contributor to blocking iodine.

Many great Iodine Deficiency reports. Life Extension offers The Silent Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency with 75 references… October 2011


Lugol's iodine (solution) [en.wikipedia.org]

Iodoral (tableted Lugol's) [www.naturalhealthyconcepts.com]

Magnascent (nascent iodine solution) [www.magnascent.com]

Atomidine (nascent iodine solution) [en.wikipedia.org]

Iodized salt initially contains iodine, but much evaporates after packaging. Commercial salt used for food preparation typically does not contain iodine. Afibbers need to reduce sodium/salt intake in order not to knock out potassium, so their iodized salt intake is often reduced. Most everyone benefits from iodine supplements.

Guy Abraham, MD and expert iodine researcher, notes that in numerous research papers on iodine added to salt, while enough to eliminate goiters, is not nearly enough to compensate for total body deficiency and requirements. The small amount added to salt does not protect against hypothyroidism or thyroid and breast cancer (and for this report…or guard against the blocking interferences of fluoride ingestion.)

If you live in an area of known iodine-deficient soil, such as the Goiter Belt states, make sure you supplement with iodine and also avoid adding to your fluoride burden. States above the 37th parallel are considered to be Goiter Belt states with concentrated areas in the Great Lakes region. Soil in areas near oceans is typically not iodine poor, but as maps show, most areas do not have adequate soil iodine which supports the observations. (One example map) [www4.uwsp.edu] )

Some European countries fluoridate salt. Check the labels. Some is naturally occurring – such as the pink Himalayan salt that has become so popular although suspected as a scam since the pink salt is mined in Pakistan that contains large amounts of fluoride and bromide.…. Avoid those types of salt. [www.rense.com] [www.davidicke.com]

Celtic sea salt and others such as Sel de Mer have only trace amounts of iodine.

Kelp is typically dosed in micrograms which is too little for therapeutic value; plus kelp is a source of free glutamate which is excitatory so afibbers need to avoid kelp.


Just as there are Lyme Literate MDs, there are Iodine Literate Practitioners that have been treating with iodine and noting great success.
David Brownstein, MD, writes in his book, Iodine – Why You Need It and Why You Can’t Live Without It. (2008) … the RDA for iodine intake is woefully insufficient and that higher amounts are needed to provide apoptotic (anti-cancer) effects throughout the body. Exposure to toxic halide ions – bromide, fluoride and chloride derivatives are increasing with time. These not only cause iodine deficiency but can poison the enzymes responsible for organifying iodine. (p 161)

Guy Abraham MD stands out as the leader of the “Iodine Movement” with his extensive published research along with his colleagues who are using the research in practice…including Drs. Flechas, Hakala, and Brownstein.

Nikolas Hedberg, DC, DABIC, offers natural alternatives to thyroid treatment in his book, The Thyroid Alternative – Renew Your Thyroid Naturally - [drhedberg.com] You can sign up for a free e-course to learn what your doctor isn’t telling you about your thyroid problems and treatment options.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac.OMD, DM(P) offers the following from segments his website and the fluoride section – see Reference section
Sircus: “Americans and Brazilians, who are more exposed to fluoride than other populations, have a desperate need for more iodine. Taking iodine in its nascent form is not only the best way to increase iodine levels in the safest and most effective way possible for adults and children whose thyroids are already compromised, but it will also greatly aid in ridding the body of dangerous fluoride, bromide, chlorine, perchlorates and heavy metals.

In our age of increasing radioactivity and toxic poisoning, specifically with fluoride,[1] chlorine, bromide, and even mercury, iodine is a necessary mineral.
Iodine is extremely important since the cells need it to regulate their metabolism. Without it, people are known to suffer from swollen glands in the throat, thyroid diseases, increased fluoride toxicity, decreased fertility rates, increased infant mortality rates, and (with severe deficiency) mental retardation. It has been theorized that iodine deficiency is a causal factor of ADHD in babies of iodine-deficient mothers.

Iodine intake immediately increases the excretion of bromide, fluoride, and some heavy metals including mercury and lead. Bromide and fluoride are not removed by any other chelator or detoxifying technique.

Dr. Kenezy Gyula Korhaz states that iodine chelates heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and halogens such as fluoride and bromide, thus decreasing their iodine-inhibiting effects,[2] especially of the halogens. Iodine has the highest atomic weight of all the common halogens (126.9). Iodine is the only option when it comes to removing these toxic haloids from the thyroid and even the pineal gland where fluoride concentrates, especially when there is a deficiency of iodine in the body.

The regular use of iodine will go a very long way toward mitigating the damages done in our bodies by the fluoride that we are exposed to. The Nascent form is the easiest way of increasing iodine levels for adults and children whose thyroids are already compromised by fluoride. Nascent Iodine is the atomic form and it is special. Nascent has the advantage of being in the I¹ atomic (as opposed to I² or I³ molecular forms) form meaning that there is no digestion, no breaking down of molecules of iodine. It is already broken down through an electromagnetic process.

For 'heavy lifting' when needing iodine in large quantities for transdermal application (painting the breasts daily with iodine for breast cancer is one example) I recommend the age old Lugol’s formula. Liquid forms of minerals always seem better than solid pill forms because the body has an easier time digesting and absorbing liquid forms (with the nascent form ready to be utilized instantly in any way the body needs). Some tissues utilize iodide and others iodine and the thyroid always needs atomic (nacent) iodine to make T3 and T4 metabolic thyroid hormones.”

More benefits of iodine optimization:
• Iodide also reduces the amount of insulin necessary during Type I and Type II diabetes
• Iodine protects against stomach cancer

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Article review: Iodine Concentration Studied in Type 2 Diabetes [www.wholehealthinsider.com]

Neurosurgeon, Russell Blaylock, MD, devoted the September 2004 issue of Blaylock Wellness Report to Fluoride Toxicity….If you would like a copy by pdf file, send me a Private Message.

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July 29, 2013
Over 12 million people in the US could experience a common yet dangerous form of irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation by the year 2030, according to new research appearing in the American Journal of Cardiology.

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- "The data indicated that drinking fluoridated water with as little as 1 PPM shortened the life span of mice an average of nine per cent. This was true whether death was due to cancer or non-cancerous diseases. The only notice proponents of fluoridation gave to this work was to discredit it as much as possible. ... In experiments where the drug was added directly to suspensions of cancer tissue before inoculation into eggs or mice, sodium fluoride stimulated the growth of cancer tissue in concentrations of one part in more than 20 million. Scientists at Cambridge University (British Medical Journal, Oct 26, 1963) discovered that concentrations of sodium fluoride as low as one part in ten million inhibited the growth of a culture of human tissue. ... the growing weight of scientific evidence that water-borne fluorides, even at 1 PPM, have toxic possibilities must finally be recognized." Alfred Taylor, Ph.D., Clayton Foundation, Biochemical Institute, University of Texas, Austin Texas, 1965.

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"In 1969 the country of Sweden intended to fluoridate their water supply due to the strong advice of Professor Yngve Ericsson, a Swedish dentist who was also the senior representative on the World Health Organization's Expert Committee on Fluoridation. However, it was then found that Professor Ericsson coincidentally was the holder of two highly-profitable patents on fluoride toothpaste!" Alfred Taylor, June 13, 1970 the Gothenburg Post (Sweden); August 5, 1970 the News Register (Sweden); and May 1, 1970 Norsk Folkehelselag (Norway).

- "In 1978, the West German Association of Water and Gas Experts rejected fluoridation for legal reasons, and because the so-called optimal fluoride concentration of 1 mg/liter is close to the dose at which long-term damage to the human body is to be expected." Chemical and Engineering News, August 1, 1988

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The most reliable and accurate science based website on Fluoride is by FAN – Fluoride Action Network www.fluoridealert.org - use the search feature.

Part 2 of the Flecainide Alert will be posted in a few weeks and will focus on fluoride’s neurotoxic and neurodegenerative effects on the brain and body.
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 02:22PM

Are you still saying you aren't alarmist?

You are a dental hygienist, right? So you probably give your patient fluoride treatments? Every dentist I have ever been to does that-

Based on your post, you are poisoning your patients, how do you feel about that? It can't feel good-

Just proves the old adage, don't go asking your EP for dental advice... and vice versa.

Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 02:49PM
Tom - Did you read my introductory post. I ended with the dental comment. I feel betrayed by the dental profession in that they bought into the brainwashing that fluoride is a safe thing to add to the body. I feel ashamed that I contributed to a cumulative toxic burden of young children who had no choice but to receive fluoride treatments. I feel angered that that my college training for DH allows us to practice on each other giving countless fluoride treatments and adding to my lifetime accumulations. My communications with leaders in the field of Mercury Free and Fluoride Free dentistry have helped me get over the travesty foisted on the unsuspecting public. They have the science behind them and that's all that I need

I do not think that educating the public on the detrimental effects of any substance is being an alarmist. Now, how one chooses to accept the education or knowledge is totally another issue. Facts (science) are just that. But ingrained opinions are emotions.

Fluoride is a poison no matter how you ingest it. It's a fact.... and it's a fact that flecainide can add to fluoride intake. If I had known that years ago, I would have made the choice then to avoid it. Since I have only recently learned about it... I'm choosing now not to add more poison to my body... at least intentionally.

I'm only putting the science out there. Everyone is free to make an educated choice.

Be well,
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 16, 2013 03:48PM
Jackie- I did read your first post and I hope you are not too upset because you didn't kill or maim anyone, or give them a disease. I don't doubt the sincerity of your current belief but I hope you can put those past "transgressions" behind you.

Regarding the science, I plan to continue taking my flecainide every day and anyone who stops taking it because of your current post is likely setting themselves up to have more afib. That's a transgression that you might want to think about.

Re: Flecainide Alert
October 17, 2013 01:27PM
Tom - Res ipsa loquiter. The thing speaks for itself.

No where in my Alert did I suggest that anyone stop using flecainide....but rather ... change to the other drug.

My alert is so that afibbers can be aware they are adding a known poison to their body. There are other choices and if a person cares about that, then they can switch to Rythmol. If not, then that's their choice. My goal is to create Awareness and that's the intention of the Flecainide Alert post.

What I can't live with is my knowing that flecaninide breaks down to deliver a toxin to the body...and not sharing that with others so they can decide for themselves whether or not to add to their toxic burden.

If you take the time to read the forth-coming Part 2 which is about brain health. then you'll see why the concern about the toxic bioaccumulation has become such a critical issue.

Re: Flecainide Alert (Moved from LAF Board)
October 20, 2013 03:38PM
I have, on several occasions, stated that I do not want to see the Lone Atrial Fibrillation Bulletin Board turned into a Board for bashing fluoride. This is now happening again with Jackie’s recent posting Flecainide Alert. Consequently, I have moved this thread to the General Health Forum. Anyone wishing to continue the discussion can do so there. [www.afibbers.net]

I agree with George that the presence of 6 fluorine atoms in the flecainide molecule is probably of relatively little importance when it comes to managing afib. Using his terminology I would classify it as a 9th or 10th order problem. Certainly, the presence of these fluorine atoms should not dissuade anyone from taking flecainide on a continuous basis or as a PIP if it helps them keep atrial fibrillation at bay. There is actually substantiated evidence that flecainide is safe in lone atrial afibbers (no underlying heart disease) [www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov].

Of course, if anyone experiences side effects from flecainide a possible alternative would be propafenone or for continuous use Rythmol SR. Propafenone would likely work well for adrenergic and mixed afibbers, but could be problematical for vagal afibbers depending on the rate at which they metabolize the drug.

Unfortunately I am working on an important project right now and do not have time to contribute to this subject in a meaningful way; however to imply that the 6 fluorine atoms in flecainide is in any way connected with the increased mortalities observed in the 1986 CAST trial is simply disingenuous. The CAST trial evaluated two Class 1 antiarrhythmic drugs, flecainide and encainide, in a group of AF patients with previous heart attack and compromised ventricular function. The two drugs both caused a 3.6-fold increase in mortality. Yet encainide does not contain fluorine so it is highly unlikely that fluorine was the culprit.

This thread is now closed in the LAF Bulletin Board.

Re: Flecainide Alert (Moved from LAF Board)
October 20, 2013 03:40PM
Hans –Sorry to catch you at a busy time. I’m swamped with another project myself. However, you’ve missed the point. Bioaccumulation.

It’s the long-term bioaccumulation that prompted my concern over taking not just 6 atoms of fluoride daily… but 6 x 3 doses = 18 for six years… and consuming a known poison when there was/is another antiarrhythmic available (Rythmol.)

Fluoride toxicity affects various other tissues systems including bone and the pineal gland – which will be reported in the Brain Health segment. Fluoride bioaccumulation should be of concern to everyone, especially in light of the increasing incidence of dementia and related neurodegenerative disorders striking younger people by astounding numbers.

In those sick patients selected for the CAST trial, I’m sure fluoride exposure was not a concern or consideration back then in pre-study evaluations, plus there is no way to know their fluoride sensitivity level as it related to their degree of impairment.

Some could have had pre-existing high fluoride exposure and subsequent heart damage from natural or artificial water fluoridation and more from the drug could have tipped the scales. Who can say what their lifetime bioaccumulation levels were since fluoride exposure is so common and stealth.

Since fluoride poisons pumps, cells and kills magnesium, all essential to NSR, it should definitely be on the radar to avoid intentional exposure. Thus my awareness alert to afibbers on this topic.

As an example of cumulative stealth exposure, it’s astounding that powdered eggs which are used in most all commercial bakery products for restaurants and food stores contains 900 mg of fluoride. I’m sure that a preliminary dietary assessment was not done on the CAST trial subjects

Deadly Medicine details the enormous consternation involved in the decision to stop the CAST trial early and to publish results. There is much more to the story than the fact that initially, flecainide was used on very sick individuals.

Most telling is the fact that the placebo group of sick people died at a much lesser rate than those sick people taking flecainide. Few of the study details were reported in the media as they actually occurred and much was done to report the findings in the best possible light so that neither the pharmaceutical companies or the prescribing physicians would be discredited or liable.

(1991) NEJM: After a mean follow-up of 10 months, 63 of 755 patients receiving flecainide or encainide and 26 of 743 patients receiving placebo had died -- a highly significant difference. Two-thirds of the deaths were caused by arrhythmias, and about half of the remaining deaths were caused by acute MI. Surprisingly, however, patients taking active drugs did not have a higher rate of nonfatal endpoints during the study (e.g., ventricular tachycardia without arrest, recurrent MI, syncope, need for a pacemaker, etc).

Because of this discrepancy between fatal and nonfatal endpoints, the authors acknowledge that the exact mechanism of the increased mortality associated with flecainide and encainide remains unclear. [www.jwatch.org]

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial (CAST) was instituted in 1986 by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) after the completion of a 502-patient pilot study (CAPS).1 2 3 The initial results of CAST I was published in 1989 and the CAST II results published in 1992.2 3 In both trials, antiarrhythmic drugs effectively suppressed asymptomatic ventricular arrhythmias but increased arrhythmic death.

Re: Flecainide Alert
October 30, 2013 12:20AM
Jackie, you mentioned that "some areas in the US have naturally-occurring moderate-to-high levels of fluoride. (35 states) which affects the water and soil. Those residents are also at risk for elevated bioburden levels although the natural fluoride (calcium fluoride) is less harmful than the industrial waste products." I have well water which has tested high for fluoride (5 mg/l where 4 mg/l is the Maximum Contaminant Level). Assuming it is calcium fluoride, any sense whether the bioburden of natural flouride in well water is significant enough to warrant avoidance?
Re: Flecainide Alert
October 30, 2013 01:40PM
Randy - Absolutely.. Calcium fluoride is very much a concern. The studies that looked at fluorosis in Asian populations noted their natural fluoride (calcium) was responsible for the crippling skeletal effects.

The 4 mg Max Contaminat Level is an unfounded declaration of safety... levels much lower than that are found to be harmful... and as the focus of my reporting is/was.... it's the bioaccumulation that is the problem along with the blocking action for the very important nutrient, iodine.

Your level is alarmingly high. Do what ever it takes to avoid further consumption and start now with the remedial actions... including supplemental iodine.

I'm so glad you read this very important post as it definitely has high influence for impact on afibbers.... and also everyone in your family as well.

Re: Flecainide Alert
September 12, 2023 03:02AM
HI Jackie, do you know if Propafenone has also the Fluoride?
Re: Flecainide Alert
September 12, 2023 02:27PM
Let's not resurrect a 10-year old thread. If you want to ask that question, then just make a new topic and ask it.
Sorry, you can't reply to this topic. It has been closed.