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Ablation didn’t work?

Posted by BrianJ 
Ablation didn’t work?
February 16, 2024 12:18PM
Had my first ablation in 2016 for Afib, that worked for a little over 6 years, then I developed atrial flutter. Had my second ablation back in September for that. But now I’m experiencing like an extra beat or something , I can see it when I do an ekg on my Kardia and Apple Watch. It comes and goes, doesn’t really do it all the time. I’m guessing the ablation is wearing off. Do I have a third one? When do you draw the line on how many ablations to have. I’m starting to just want to give up.

Re: Ablation didn’t work?
February 16, 2024 01:07PM
Hey Brian,

I've attached a redacted version of your ECG. Suggest you edit your post and replace your PDF with the redacted version that doesn't have identifying info.

On the number of ablations, see Carey's post here. The takeaway is to use the best EP you can to get the highest probability of success.

Looking at your ECG, all I see are 3 PAC's. Looks like good p waves and consistent rhythm, except for the PAC's, which are benign.


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open | download - Health - ECG 2024-02-16 at 06.15.pdf (194 KB)
Re: Ablation didn’t work?
February 16, 2024 01:37PM
Thanks George
Re: Ablation didn’t work?
February 16, 2024 03:28PM
Your ablation is not wearing off. That's just a few PACs, which are annoying, but they don't signal that your ablation has failed. You're not in afib and there's no reason for you to be considering a third ablation.
Re: Ablation didn’t work?
February 16, 2024 03:49PM
Thanks it’s only been about six months since my second ablation, I guess you can say I’m a little gun shy . Any wrong beat and I start worrying lol
Re: Ablation didn’t work?
February 18, 2024 07:15PM
I just had a second ablation due to atrial flutter out of control, I had my first ablation about 3-1/2 months ago never felt well after the first one. I was put on flecainide after the 1st ablation but the doctor said it was causing atrial flutter and to stop taking it, I had taken it the full 3 months. Now after this 2nd ablation the doctor wants me to take fecainide again for 1 month, I am very hesitant to do this and just take metoprolol, I am having lots of palpitations but I am only 2 days post ablation. I really worry taking flecainide if it caused my flutter. I had a different doctor do my 2nd ablation and he knows it gave me problems but wants me to take it anyway? I do not know what to do?
Re: Ablation didn’t work?
February 18, 2024 09:34PM
Extremely unlikely that flecainide caused your flutter.
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