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6 months post ablation

Posted by aldona 
6 months post ablation
June 14, 2021 05:55AM
Hello ALL,
Just an update about ablation on 14 December 2020. Today is 6 months after my ablation in Adelaide Australia.
I am off Flecanaide which was discontinued after 6 weeks. I feel now that I have turned the corner after a bit difficult recovery. I was extremely fatigued and exhausted after ablation. It was my 3 ablation in 14 years. First two done at Bordeaux. The last one in Bordeaux was in 2007 and I was fine utill the mid 2019 when I had the first symptoms of AF returning. AF symptoms were as before my first ablation incapacitating and AF episodes every few days for several hours, 12,16, up to 20 with pulse up to 158bpm.
That's when I decided to take action and seek treatment. Due to the pandemic I was not able to travel to Bordeaux, which I would have certainly done.
On the recommendation of Bordeaux doctor I was directed to the surgeon in Adelaide in South Australia, I live in New South Wales.
I managed to have ablation in between two lockdowns.😀
My current medications are Lopressor and lowest dose of blood thinner as well as small dose of CCB.
I am improving my fitness levels.
It took me very long time before I decided to have first ablation in 2006, I tried all medications available to stop and prevent AF and was not successful. This time it was swift decision after my experience how wonderful freeing is ablation and return to NSR.
All the best to all of you who struggle and live with this horrible illness.
Re: 6 months post ablation
June 14, 2021 06:47PM
Hi Aldona, good to hear from you again. I’m so pleased that this 3rd ablation has worked well, sending good wishes and hopes for continued success.

My Bordeaux ablations done in January 2003 are still keeping me in nsr, can’t believe my luck! Don’t know of many that have lasted so long.

Re: 6 months post ablation
June 14, 2021 10:13PM
It's wonderful Gill that you are well after Bordeaux team ablation. It's nice to hear from people who had Bordeaux experience. I hope most are doing well. I was blessed with 12 years of NSR after Bordeaux ablation. I hope this one will keep me well. Thanks for your reply.
Re: 6 months post ablation
July 07, 2021 05:34PM
Hello there. Congratulations on your success!

I too have had 3 ablations, but in the U.S. The first (heat) was done in 2011 and lasted about 5 years or so. My second two were cryoablation procedures. The second procedure lasted only about 6 months or so. My last was about 5 years ago now. I'm hoping this last one is going to stick. I'm off of all meds thank God! The Sotalol I was taking made me feel so tired all of the time. It was depressing to have to feel that way.

I had a few bouts of PVC's a couple of years ago that kind of scared me. I thought for sure it was coming back. But, they went away. I think it was probably stress.
I have found only a couple of things that seem to make my heart feel whacky. One is MSG so I try to stay away from that. The others are salty food, caffeine and a lack of good rest. So, I try to avoid them as well.
Do you experience things like this that make you feel like you could go into a-fib again?

Cheers and hope for your continued NSR!

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