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Welcome to THE AFIB REPORT and Our purpose is to serve as a gathering place for people with atrial fibrillation and to actively research and disseminate information about AF. Our main focus is on lone atrial fibrillation, that is, AF with no underlying heart disease. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the mechanisms underlying the two conditions are very similar so it is highly likely that much of the information we develop for LAF may be applicable to AF as well. Nevertheless, neither people with AF nor people with LAF should apply any of the findings reported in THE AFIB REPORT or on this website without obtaining medical advice first.

Lone atrial fibrillation, although not life-threatening, can have a devastating effect on one's life. Conventional medical science has little to offer, apart from invasive surgery, when it comes to curing or preventing this condition and what it does have to offer often has serious side effects and, in some cases, can actually make things worse.

I have battled LAF for over 15 years and have tried most alternative and complementary approaches to preventing LAF episodes. In 1996 I wrote an article on LAF based on my exhaustive study of this disorder. Since then I have continued my research through studies of the medical literature as well as through extensive surveys of more than 600 afibbers. THE AFIB REPORT was started in January of 2001 as a vehicle for sharing my findings with fellow afibbers. The LAF Forum Bulletin Board saw its first posting in September 2000 and now contains over 100,000 contributions from afibbers around the world. and The AFIB Report are truly THE place for information about atrial fibrillation. Please join us and contribute your experience. Together we will conquer this dastardly disorder that has blighted so many of our lives.

Hans R. Larsen MSc ChE

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