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Chest Pain and Bigeminy

Posted by MeganMN 
Chest Pain and Bigeminy
June 03, 2024 04:22PM
So I have a question for those of you that have had frequent PACs/Atrial Bigeminy/SVT. I have had a FULL workup cardiac wise and have no cardiac disease or other issues that would predispose me to chest pain. Since being in almost constant bigeminy, I have noticed that I have been getting some chest pain/pressure with exertion or high heart rates and the bigeminy. I am certain that it is not an urgent medical issue, as I have been cleared. But wondering if anyone else experiences that when they have higher heart rates or exertion with the bigeminy/PACs.

Re: Chest Pain and Bigeminy
June 05, 2024 12:03AM
I just got out of the hospital, I was having PACs and PVCs. My heart rate was bouncing from 30 to 100 bpm. For the past 24 hours. I did have some pain a couple of times, but mostly just some discomfort. They did an ultrasound of my heart and it was structurally sound. Then 3 medication changes has me kind of wiped out at the moment. Hopefully you had a better day.
Re: Chest Pain and Bigeminy
June 05, 2024 04:16AM
Were you in the hospital for the PACs/PVCs? I just got my monitor results and had 25% burden . my echo was okay, some slight left heart strain. I start Rythmol tomorrow. What Ned's are you on?
Re: Chest Pain and Bigeminy
June 05, 2024 01:30PM
I went in for the PACs/PVCs and because my heart rate was bouncing all over. But I was starting to get more low readings, I figured it was better to be in the ER and all that would end up happening was a few hours of monitoring. But it didn't stop. I'm not sure on the burden but when I was checking it was in the 25-30% range and seemed to stay there. I think at on point it was higher. I should get results later today or tomorrow. I am still a bit wiped out it will probably be another day before medications work through and out. Currently on this:
Diltiazem 120 mg cd x2
Propafenone (rythmol) 225 mg x2
Eliquis 5mg x2
Meclizine 25mg as needed this is for dizziness and vertigo.

I have an appointment on Friday to review and make more plans. We had tried to up the diltiazem to 240mg x2 but it didn't stop it. So this was his next change. I'm just tired right now and lightheaded, but the day must go on.
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