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Occasional early R waves before and after AFIB episode

Posted by kenn_green 
Occasional early R waves before and after AFIB episode
March 04, 2024 06:18AM
Almost every time I have AFIB episodes I have ekgs like the attached before and after the AFIB. Is that typical?

I read:

"For some individuals, consuming a large meal can cause gastrointestinal problems. These, in turn, can stimulate the vagus nerve, which connects the gut, brain and heart. A spike in the vagus nerve from eating a large meal can spark an Afib event. Research shows that when gastrointestinal issues resolve, Afib episodes typically subside."

It seems like nearly all my AFIB events follow a large dinner and some stomach discomfort and stomach gas. Is that common? These last 1 or 2 days then back to my normal slow pulse in the 50s.

Also diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. It is under control with a CPAP, but my central sleep apnea events increase from maybe 2 to 3 per hour, to 15 to 30 per hour during an AFIB event. Is this common, does it say anything about why I have the AFIB events?

I have zero symptoms. Workout 3 times a week, first 30 minutes of cardio and about 300 calories, then weights. The AFIB makes no difference in the workouts. How can that be the case with AFIB?



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Re: Occasional early R waves before and after AFIB episode
March 04, 2024 03:55PM
Many people have asymptomatic afib. Consider yourself lucky. Many people also experience a connection between GI events like big meals and afib episodes. Very common.

The ECG shows lots of PACs. They're second beat in those 2 and 3-beat pairs. Those are common too.
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