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Posted by Mark 
February 22, 2024 04:19AM
If I could buy one generalized up to date informational (history, causes, treatments etc) book about aFib what would that be? I am leaning toward one of Larson’s books but wonder if they are too dated.
Re: Book
February 22, 2024 03:42PM
This might be too obvious but I stumbled on a list of recommended books here. Link below.

Recommended books
Re: Book
February 23, 2024 03:56AM
Good idea and sorta did that. Also looked at the list of books in the “resource” section on this forum many of which have been referenced in one post or another. But some are topic specific or philosophy specific. Was just wondering about one that would be both the most current reference type book that would cut across all the main areas of aFib.

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Re: Book
February 23, 2024 04:23AM
Sounds like you're looking for more of a textbook, like something a med student might use in a course on the subject. Is that about right?
Re: Book
February 23, 2024 08:13AM
Kinda but not necessarily that complicated and something a bit more in depth than say an “aFib for Dummmies.” Something that someone new to aFib might want to read, have on hand, and reference as they begin their journey. It might contain a lot of the same information that is provided on this forum but just catalogued, organized and all in place.
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