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Discontinuing Mag Water...

Posted by LarryG 
Discontinuing Mag Water...
August 01, 2023 08:27PM
Greetings to everyone!

Been drinking our home-made MW (Erling recipe) throughout the day / evening for almost a quarter century (time flies!). Due to a recent GERD issue, I began wondering if this continuous flush of mag through my system may be reducing my effective stomach acid level -- needed to properly break down food, destroy toxins, etc.

Anyway... I stopped the MW last week and noticed my tummy now feels a little better... and NOT noted any heart-related symptoms.

Have not stopped my daily mag supplement (glycinate -- 240 mg).

Would certainly appreciate the group's thoughts / suggestions on this. Thanks in advance!

Re: Discontinuing Mag Water...
August 01, 2023 08:54PM
Hi Larry - It can happen. When we are taking a lot of magnesium, we can get symptoms like yours.
I was very reluctant to cut back on magnesium, and found a solution by managing the acidity needed for proper protein digestion.

In the General Health forum, I just offered this response ...

.... " For those who also have heartburn/GERD issues, there is an archived report titled, "No More Heartburn" that gives a variety of tips gleaned from various books on the topic.

Along with afib, I also struggled with heartburn until I began following the advice I learned about from the referenced books..


Many years later, I remain GERD free but I still use a digestive enzyme with meals and with higher-protein meals, I also add supplemental betaine hydrochloride. With age, I've cut back on portion size of protein so the HCl dosage is lower.

Caution: If you have an ulcer, then do not use betaine hydrochloride

Newer clip on the benefits of HCl [annlouise.com]

Re: Discontinuing Mag Water...
August 01, 2023 11:59PM
Hi Larry,

Perhaps not consuming 90 minutes (I made that up - figure out what works best for you) before/after eating?
Re: Discontinuing Mag Water...
August 03, 2023 10:27PM

Here's the links that seem to be missing from Jackie's helpful posting:



Thanks to Jackie and best wishes to all!

Re: Discontinuing Mag Water...
August 18, 2023 06:18PM
Jackie, George, Lance -- Sincere thanks for your responses. My apologies for this delayed post.

It took me a while to get through Jackie's "thesis" -- packed with so much great info which I've reviewed and begun to apply / test on my particular situation. And since my local library had a copy of the Rogers' book, I did borrow it and give it a looksy as well. And I noticed first-hand what a fab job Jackie did on her summary. (You really put the time in on that, J! A college professor would cetainly give you an "A" on it.)

I'm feeling better after weeks of eliminating the "bad foods" -- tomatoes, onons, chocolate, mint (I love chocolate chip mint ice cream), alcohol (was never a real drinker... would have an occasional half-a-beer on really hot days... but now I've cut that out completely too), citrus fruits, peppers, hot sauce, vinegar, pickles, mustard, ketchup. Many of the other recommended "forbidden" items I just didn't partake of... so no problem there: don't smoke, no coffee or tea or soda or lemon-ade / orange-ade, etc.

Have also focused on chewing my food more, and being more mindful during meal times -- no TV on, and no involved discussions during. I've also gotten more careful about my consumption volume at any one sitting... which I believe I may have been overdoing a tad. Occasionally, I take a very casual walk after a meal. As a result of everything, I've dropped a couple of pounds -- which I don't really need to lose (BMI = 22).

Because a keto diet has worked wonders on my A1C (down to 5.5 from 6.1) and my lipid panel numbers, I'm gonna try and keep with it. My ENT has approved staying on it at this point. Have a consult with a gastro surgeon in September regarding a small stricture in my esophagus... so will get his input as well.

Still no noticeable effects of cutting out the Mag Water.

Wanna thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, friends. Hope you're all doing well!


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Re: Discontinuing Mag Water...
September 06, 2023 01:56PM
Hi Larry - I'm late in reading your response on this post...sorry. Lots going on here... I'm very pleased that you are finding improvement with your adjusted management. As we always say... this can be highly individualized so it's important to take time and 'experiment' ...as you have done.

I'll be watching for your news on continued success.
Best to you,
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