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sleep - middle insomnia
December 06, 2022 11:02PM

It has really been on the afibbers forum that I have seen over the yrs someone discussing sleep & taping the mouth, maybe George N or gloaming or Poppino. I can't remember why they need to do it.

I have been a light sleeper for very long time. I tend to be able to fall asleep reading & stay asleep 2-4 hr, but then wake & usually take 5 mg zolpidem, which does the trick & no after effects next day.

Still, I wonder about that tape. My nose has been stopped up some lately & my mouth has been dry a few times on waking. Don't tell me about melatonin, bec I already have knowledge & experience with that at very low doses & it affects me adversely, probably bec my melatonin levels are okay & taking any has a nasty Benadryl feeling.

So, could it possibly be that if one wakes at different times during the night that it is bec of something that could be fixed without a pill? I don't think it is sleep apnea, my 02 levels are fine by pulse oximeter tho I have never taken that in the night when I wake (only bought the oximeter when the pandemic began!).

Just a thought - and I think it is George N. - someone who does a lot of extensive & different health protocols. Don't know if he is on this forum too, but I did not think this would fall in the category for afib.

Re: sleep - middle insomnia
December 07, 2022 02:00AM
I don't think it is sleep apnea, my 02 levels are fine by pulse oximeter tho I have never taken that in the night when I wake

O2 levels measured when you're awake tell you nothing about sleep apnea, so you can't conclude anything.

It's GeorgeN who talks about taping the mouth and breathing issues in general. He just posted about mouth taping a bit ago. Go find his posts on the afibbers forum.
Re: sleep - middle insomnia
March 11, 2023 02:03PM
Hey there- I have troubles with sleeping as well. I do take a Xanax to sleep sometimes but I also try and follow CBT-I. I paid to do therapy for it at the doctor and then found this study- you get paid for it. It is a proven (better than medication) solution to sleep. It doesn't work perfect for me and I still take a Zanny sometimes. But I have found the techniques quite helpful. All online. First thing is a quick video appointment with the staff where they get you on the app- the rest is all done by app or internet. If you have any questions feel free to shoot them my way. on the mouth taping- my functional cardiologist who is always saying how important sleep is recommends it. However my sleep MD does not. I do have a dental device for mild sleep apnea.

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