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Peptides like BPC-157
December 04, 2020 03:30AM

I’m wondering if anyone has any solid information about Peptides for healing, and in particular, the peptide BPC 157. I’m interested in the latter for it’s gut healing properties, but it’s said to have many other positive benefits. (BPC stands for “Body Protective Compound.”)

I’ve found a bit. I’m interested more in confirmation of its safety, as well as sources to obtain good quality products. Anyone looked into this?

Thanks! Lance

Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD: Peptides for SIBO (PDF transcript of interview)

Drew Timmermans, ND: BPC 157 for Gut & Musculoskeletal Healing (YouTube)
Re: Peptides like BPC-157
December 04, 2020 09:51PM
Don't know anything about peptide BPC-157 and I assume you won't to take it for gastrointestinal problems like reflux?

I suffered for years from reflux and finally brought it under control with the Japanese fermented soy beans food called natto. It contains many different healing peptides and I believe this has put my reflux into remission.

Soybean Bioactive Peptides and Their Functional Properties


Let us know how you go taking BPC-157.

Re: Peptides like BPC-157
December 05, 2020 01:45AM
I make my own reuteri yogurt. No problems.
Re: Peptides like BPC-157
May 23, 2021 11:22PM
Organ Meats contain peptides so I believe in eating Nose to Tail is healthiest. We are feeling best on Carnivore.
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