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Flu Shot ?

Posted by smackman 
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 02, 2017 07:05PM
Notwithstanding the conspiracy theories, the data clearly shows the statistical benefit of the flu shot. A good resource is the CDC webpages and the extensive archival publications referenced therein CDC Vaccine Effectiveness. It is straightforward to understand the VE point estimate and confidence interval, and the different types of studies and health outcomes which support the CDC recommendation.
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 02, 2017 07:23PM
I have heard Robert Kennnedy speak on the subject of vaccines for many years, doubtful he needs the money.

I hope we all can comment on different subjects dealing with our health in a give and take manner without fear of being told it is crap. Hans Larsen, founder of this site, believed in natural, non-pharmaceutical approaches even to stroke prevention.

Re: Flu Shot ?
December 03, 2017 12:50AM
Hans Larsen, founder of this site, believed in natural, non-pharmaceutical approaches even to stroke prevention.

Yes, and he believed in evidence-based medicine most of all. I respect Larsen's work and have used it to my own benefit despite the entire world of medicine telling me I was crazy and would kill myself. They came around to believe when I showed them it could be done, and I did that based mostly on information from Larsen on this site. So please save me the lectures.

This isn't about non-pharmaceutical vs. something else. This is about science and medicine. What works? What doesn't work? Says who and what sort of proof do they have? That's what this is about and when someone starts flinging known lies and distortions around, they need to be challenged.

Post evidence-based information from credible sources and I will never call it crap. Post conspiracy theories and outright lies from radio hosts and all bets are off.
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 03, 2017 02:26AM
This thread should more appropriately be hosted in the General Health forum not Afibbers Forum so I’m moving it there for those who wish to discuss the various sides of the debate more indepth ... and a reminder that we have to watch the language folks especially with a heated or controversial topic...


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Re: Flu Shot ?
December 03, 2017 03:09AM
What about all of the forced Governmental Vaccination via Airplane Chemtrails? Is this a lie also?
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 03, 2017 12:52PM
It's not uncommon to see strong, reactive denials by those who aren't familiar with practitioner advanced training for functional or restorative medicine when findings of current medical positions on old problems are shared. Fortunately, over the past 20 years, this field is growing rapidly and many highly-respected and credentialed practitioners have joined the movement and are spreading the word.

The Institute for Functional Medicine, headed by Mark Hyman, MD, notes on their website:

" Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes." [www.ifm.org] Dr. Hyman was appointed to head the Center for Functional Medicine at the main campus of Cleveland Clinic in the Fall of 2014. His group has been been doing all the good things that the IFM has been promoting for many years and I understand it's very popular and very 'booked.'

Also, The American Academy for Anti-Aging and the American College for Advancement of Medicine have been providing excellent educational opportunities for those who have joined their organization ... as has been mentioned by Shannon when he's helped Dr. Hertoghe at the annual meetings. I haven't attended either in a long while, but loved the experiences when I did. Always lots to learn.

Getting back to the initial focus on the individual’s immune system functionality, practitioners of functional or restorative medicine continually emphasize that Immune system suppression or inadequacy (especially in the elderly) is related to nutritional deficiencies… rather than aging, itself. It is well known that when nutritional deficiencies are corrected, immunity is restored which gives them better protection than from vaccinations. The same observations are true in younger people.

Many people have never been tested for vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is actually a neurohormone that stimulates antimicrobial peptides (proteins) which are studied extensively for their ability to kill or inhibit many viruses, bacteria and fungi. And, the higher the vitamin D level (25 OH D), the more of the microbe killing peptides one makes. The elderly and especially those living in northern latitudes or who don’t get out regularly in natural sunlight year-round are prone to greater risk of serious infectious diseases. I would never want to let my vitamin D levels fall to where they were when I first began.

In addition to Vitamin D, there are other essential nutrients that help support and sustain a well-functioning immune system, naturally… a few of many include:
Curcumin, Resveratrol, Mixed Carotenoids, the right form of vitamin C, mixed tocopherols, zinc, selenium, core multi vitamin/minerals, and Beta 1,2/1/6 glucan which specifically boosts cellular immunity ‘on demand’ if you are exposed and feeling symptomatic. Another popular preventive is EpiCore which is a high-metabolite immunogen. The complex I’ve used for many years is Immunitone Plus by Designs for Health – “ an herbal blend that supports normal natural killer cell activity and the balance of cytokines which are the regulatory proteins released by immune cells as part of the normal immune system response.” (quoted from product description data) Testing to learn relevant marker status is always advised before starting random supplements.

Also, as noted previously, I find the liposomal form of vitamin C from LivOn Labs to be especially powerful and effective. Would not want to travel without it. Works very quickly on cold or flu-like symptoms. I gave samples to all my friends so they could have benefit and now they are all stocking up again for this winter’s season.

Best to all,
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 04, 2017 04:28PM
OK, i think i got some better source?
Flu shots are optional in the US if you don't work for companies like theses:
Vaccine makers are taken off the hook by the vaccine injury compensation program (VICP). Not sure who pays for it.
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 05, 2017 04:43PM
I took the Flu shot after consulting with my GP and Nurse Educator in Austin. This was Last Tuesday and I have had Zero issues with the exception of a little soreness that has now gone away. There are several employers in my area that require the flu shot be taken like my daughter in the Health profession.
Nurse Educator said to BE SMART and take the shot.
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 07, 2017 05:42PM
Interesting thoughts on flu shots from 1:14:30.
Also @38:30 it was mentioned that the 1986 act that congress has passed reliefs manufacturers and medical professionals of almost all liability in the event of vaccine injury.
As for compulsion to vaccinate (not for flu shots): In June 2014 the courts ruled against the Check family upholding the Jacobson vs. Massachusetts ruling of 1905.
Re: Flu Shot ?
December 21, 2017 04:14AM
Hope the effectiveness for U.S flu season's shots is a bit better than that:
Re: Flu Shot ?
February 06, 2018 02:49PM
This new study indicates that flu virus particles can be transmitted by aerosol shedding and studied subjects were found to shed 6.3 times more flu virus particles in this season and the previous one versus those with no vaccinations in those two seasons.

Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community
Jing Yan, Michael Grantham, Jovan Pantelic, P. Jacob Bueno de Mesquita, Barbara Albert, Fengjie Liu, Sheryl Ehrman, Donald K. Milton and EMIT Consortium PNAS 2018; published ahead of print January 18, 2018, [doi.org] 1.Edited by Peter Palese, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, and approved December 15, 2017 (received for review September 19, 2017)

Lack of human data on influenza virus aerosol shedding fuels debate over the importance of airborne transmission. We provide overwhelming evidence that humans generate infectious aerosols and quantitative data to improve mathematical models of transmission and public health interventions. We show that sneezing is rare and not important for—and that coughing is not required for—influenza virus aerosolization. Our findings, that upper and lower airway infection are independent and that fine-particle exhaled aerosols reflect infection in the lung, opened a pathway for a deeper understanding of the human biology of influenza infection and transmission. Our observation of an association between repeated vaccination and increased viral aerosol generation demonstrated the power of our method, but needs confirmation.

Note the observations in the Discussion segment indicating that infectious virus was found in just ‘exhaled’ breathing and didn’t have to come from a cough or sneeze.

It will be interesting to see if other studies are generated to confirm or deny these findings. Meanwhile, remember that it’s important to keep your vitamin D levels optimized and along with vitamin C for immune system support. Have a supply of Liposomal Vitamin C (LivOn Labs) so you can load up as a preventive since flu season will continue for several months.

Stay safe and be well.

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Re: Flu Shot ?
September 27, 2018 04:49PM
Does the flu shot affect AFib in any way?
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