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Pace maker

Posted by Luke 
Pace maker
January 11, 2007 08:35PM
Hello again. I posted some questions the week before Christmas and got several very helpful responses. Now, after having the pace maker for three weeks and still not sure what is going on, I have many more questions. It would flood the system if I asked them all at once. So I will post a few at a time and if it gets to be too much let me know and the questions will cease.

The P-M is not operable yet. They are trying to get my INR to between 2 and 3 so my heart can be shocked(?) back into NSR. Then, as I understand it, the P-M can be fine tuned to take over. Today, the 11th, it was 2.5, between 2 and 3 for the first time since the hospital.

Since the P-M was installed I have had afibs about 25% of the time, whereas before they happened once a month or so. A person oughta have a couple of those things, right?

Could I hear from some of you who have been shocked or had it attempted, to get back to NSR? How is it done? Any thoughts appreciated.

I have been on metoprolol 25mg x 2 and propafenone 150mg x 2 for about 5 years. They tried diltiazem 6 months ago and verampamil while in hospital. Both threw me into really bad afibs. Anyone have a similar effect?

Do any of you have COPD? Pulmonary hypertension? I have both with 150% over inflated lungs. Makes everything more crowded in my abdomen. The cardio says many, if not most COPD patients get afibs.

Enough for now. Thanks, Luke

Sue Bowden
Re: Pace maker
January 12, 2007 12:14AM

I have never had to be shocked back into NSR - I always convert spontaneously but I do have a pacemaker so if you have any queries about that once you are "up and running" please feel free to contact me direct and I'll try to help you if you are worried about "flooding the board" with queries! Don't worry about that though, we have all done it at times!

Re: Pace maker
January 12, 2007 01:31AM
Hello Luke I too have a PM but like Sue I always convert by myself, however I will say that I had a lot of AF after having it fitted and when I asked my consultant he said well we have been doing things to your heart what do you expect, after a month or so it calmed down again, he is a very reassuring sort of guy which is nice. Good luck Heather
Gunnar v/61/na
Re: Pace maker
January 12, 2007 01:39AM
Hi Luke,
I have been electrical cardioverted 5 times, the first 5 times I had AF. Since than I have always converted with pill in the pocket: Sotalol, Metoprolol, Cialis.
You need not to worry about the cardioversion as you do not feel anything. It is a very light anesthesia and you will not feel anything after that either. You will have two red spots on your skin after the electrodes.

Regarding pulmonary hypertension: Have you tested Cialis?

Re: Pace maker
January 12, 2007 03:10AM
Luke, when I was about 2 years into 24/7 AF my cardiologist suspected my breathing difficulties might be due at least inpart to COPD rather than to heart matters, especially as I had shown elevated PA pressure on two echos, and he thought there were some signs of obstructive material in the lung X-ray he had in hand. He referred me for testing, and I spent the best part of 6 months pretty much ignoring AF while I tried to learn about PH while going through the pulmonary testing ropes. I had thought AF was a most awful affliction until I joined a couple of pulmonary disease forums and began to communicate with folks there. My sympathy for those with COPD just grew dramatically, the flat out braveness with which especiallly the younger people cope with this hideoous condition. At least in AF we say "it won't kill you." That is most definitely NOT the case for many people with COPD, as you well know. After many go-rounds with the pulmonary experts, it was determined that I do indeed have unexplained chronic moderately elevated pulmonary artery pressure, but no other lung pathology that anyone could find or figure out. So I could then leave the COPD arena and concentate once again on AF. With great relief. I went on to have an ablation (with Natale) this past July, and am now looking forward to a second this coming summer to clear up a not-unexpected atrial tach (my situation was difficult as three years in 24/7 AF had induced atrial scarring, and that makes ablation more difficult).

I never got to the point where I was actualy trying to cope with both COPD and AF at once so I can't give you any hints, onlly pass along my deepest care for you in what you are going through, and my admiration for the courage displayed by so many of those afflicted with COPD. I did encounter some rather questionable claims from people who had remedies to clear up "deposits" of any kind anywhere in the body, including lung deposits, but they were terribly evasive in responding to the questions I asked about evidence of their success, and fortunatley I was able to drop that course of concern.

All my best to you, Luke. If I see anything of interest I'll post here just as a general FYI to everyone who might be interested. Kagey
Lou Toews
Re: Pace maker
January 12, 2007 04:16PM
Hi Luke,

I developed afib in 1992, had a pacemaker implanted in 1996, and had a successful ablation in 2005.
I realize pacemakers are continually improving at a very rapid pace. For the most part I don't believe they help dealing with afib. My pacemaker certainly didn't help me at all.
Don't be concerned about getting cardioverted because you have a pacemaker. It is not a problem. I was cardioverted twice after my pacemaker was implanted. I had always converted on my own before and after the pacemaker. I believe it was over reaction on the part of my new cardiologist,when she decided I needed to be cardioverted.
If you are a candidate for ablation, certainly keep that in mind. More and more people are eliminating afib with this procedure. Make sure you check it out thoroughly if you go that route.
Can you give us a break down on why the pacemaker was implanted, and what they thought it may do for you. Did you have an AV node ablation?
Don't feel restricted on how many questions you ask. There are a lot of very amazing people on this site that will gladly help you out.
Best wishes,
Re: Pace maker
January 12, 2007 10:58PM
Hello Luke -
" It would flood the system if I asked them all at once."
Nah, - it wouldn't. Feel free to 'flood' away!
There are so many caring people here with helpful suggestions and above all, compassion and understanding, that you'll always get a response.
No-one is offended by a newcomer asking questions and everyone here understands that we all need to 'vent' on occasions. It's a very good place to come and let out your anxiety and/or frustration! Sometimes it's hard for friends and family to grasp what is happening to you, even though they care and want to help.
When I was hospitalised to trial the usual medications for Afib, verapamil and flecanaide were among the worst for side effects, for me - couldn't tolerate them at all. Hope you soon discover what works best for you in controlling the beast,
best wishes,
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