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Diltiazem and Taurine interaction?

Posted by Evelyn 
Diltiazem and Taurine interaction?
June 06, 2024 03:30PM
Hi All,
Has anyone taking both Diltiazem and Taurine noticed any interaction? If so, any details on dosages would be appreciated. I am taking 30 mg immediate release Diltiazem 4 times/day to control an atrial tachycardia which has persisted since an ablation for atrial flutter 4/26/24. I want to add Taurine to see if it helps with frequent PVCs. I checked with Natale’s NP and she had no problem with it, but I would appreciate any input from anyone who has tried it.

Re: Diltiazem and Taurine interaction?
June 07, 2024 01:15PM
I take diltiazem CD (24 hour release) 180 mg daily. I take 1000 mg of taurine twice daily for PVCs. I'll sometimes take an extra 1000 mg of the taurine if my PVCs are worse. Seems to help. I have been taking the taurine for about a month and haven't noticed any problems with interactions.
Re: Diltiazem and Taurine interaction?
June 07, 2024 06:33PM
Thanks for your reply FibberMcGee

I am being cautious and started taking 250 mg Taurine an hour before each 40mg Diltiazem - so 1000 mg Taurine/day. I have low blood pressure naturally so I have to watch it. If my BP stays up I’ll try increasing Taurine.
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