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ADHD meds and afib

Posted by Shiny Sleeves 
ADHD meds and afib
May 24, 2024 06:23PM
I have a new dx of ADHD at age 67 and it explains a lot of things. A quick google tells me I cannot take ADHD meds with afib as most of them are stimulants and the ones that aren't are also contraindicated. I wondered if anyone here had any experience with this.
Re: ADHD meds and afib
May 24, 2024 07:23PM
Afib isn't an absolute contraindication to stimulants. There are people with afib and ADHD who take them without problem. Talk to your EP about it.
Re: ADHD meds and afib
May 25, 2024 03:10AM
Agreed, maybe the balance can be retained with more metoprolol or calcium channel blockers, or whatever works that keeps your HR down IF you go into arrythmia, but meanwhile, the ADHD medication might mean a significant change of life for you toward the positive. It might be worth three-four weeks of experimentation.......... It can be reversed easily.
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