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Ablation with existing heart failure

Posted by G48 
Ablation with existing heart failure
May 22, 2024 07:37PM
I'm going for my 1st ablation with Dr. Natale on June 18 and I have CHF with a 20-25% EF. For those who have had ablations with this level of HF, how did post-ablation turn out? I'm not in anxiety mode yet but I'm sure it will hit me on the 6 hour drive down there. I have been in persistent Afib since last December but rate controlled nicely with Metoprolol and digoxin ( I wish I were back on Carvedilol, however). My HR is mostly in the 70's and I sleep fine. I have an ICD set at 200/60 I'm assuming it's helping somewhere. The last 2 docs I saw checked with their scopes and pulsed me and said I was almost NSR. I'm happy the VA is footing the bill for this and any future needs with Dr. Natale that I may need.

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