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International statement from Europe/Asia/Latin American on Catheter/Surgical ablation

Posted by sldabrowski 
Holy COW!! This is a gold mine!! It is largely consonant with my understanding so far, not that I am remotely expert in any of this, and not that I understand much of what is being presented, but the material I can understand is very much aligned with most of our views on the topic of AF, its progression, how it is better to be mechanically treated in many/most patients before it advances to long-term persistent (this is suggested in the article), and so on. Thanks for seeking it and for posting it here, sidabrowhski. I'm an hour in and the cursor has only moved down about an inch on my screen at right.
Thanks for this.

It led me to this: [www.nejm.org] since I as not familiar with PFA ablation.
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