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anemia and ablation

Posted by Shiny Sleeves 
anemia and ablation
April 13, 2024 12:13AM
Looks like I am anemic. Will that delay having an ablation or have anything to do with it?
Re: anemia and ablation
April 13, 2024 03:23AM
Probably not unless it's severe.
Re: anemia and ablation
April 13, 2024 05:58AM
For some cancer treatments, yes, and surely for some surgeries, but I'm not aware that it is an impediment to catheter ablation. There's very little bleeding involved.
Re: anemia and ablation
April 14, 2024 04:37AM
I was anemic from a FI bleed and Dr N cancelled it and gave me a watchman instead so I could get scoped.

Regarding your question it being anemic could postpone an ablation- I think it’s a patient to patient decision. I was told they use blood thinners during the ablation and it was a factored in the decision to cancel it.

The following is his NP reply when I asked her the same question if my ablation would be canceled?:

No we will get labs the morning of the procedure. Hgn of 10 isn’t a contraindication of doing the procedure except you should find out why, and that’s why I suggested a scope. Upper and lower series. If there is active bleeding that would postpone 
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