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Posted by Elizabeth 
April 03, 2024 01:59AM
I have been taking xarelto every single day since I went into permanent AF 3 years ago, yet I had a stroke last year at the end of May. I was taking 15 mg., I saw an EP today an he upped my dose of Xarelto to 20 mg., wondered why I got a stroke when taking Xarelto., I have wondered about that as well. Has anyone gotten a stroke while on a blood thinner.

Re: xarelto
April 03, 2024 03:56AM
Liz, the anti-coagulants only retard the clotting mechanism, they don't prevent it. This comes as an unwelcome shock to some, but that's the gist of it. As we age, other conditions besides what the anti-coagulant was originally intended to mitigate might crop up with an even greater risk of stroke or thrombosis due to clotting. COVID, for example, puts us at a higher risk of stroke because its enables a strong anti-inflammatory response that is just as damaging as what the virus is doing to our blood vessels and lungs.

I am not aware that anyone HERE has had a stroke, although I seem to recall that one of us may have. Even so, the others will chime in soon enough with their own reports. I know for sure that it has happened here and there. Xarelto and Eliquis only nub the risk, they don't./can't eliminate the risk entirely.
Re: xarelto
April 03, 2024 05:10AM
I am not aware that anyone HERE has had a stroke, although I seem to recall that one of us may have.

This forum has been in operation since 1999 and has about 5000 registered members, so I assure you that more than one have suffered strokes. I'm guessing the one you remember is Shannon, the other more senior editor here, since he's kind of prominent.
Re: xarelto
April 03, 2024 07:48PM
I am concerned about upping my dosage of Xarelto to 20 mg. from 15 mg., I really don't know this new EP very well. I do get some bruising if I get hit, or doing something that can cause a bruise. I believe Hans L. had one as well. I am 90 now and in pretty good shape otherwise, just this AF.
Re: xarelto
April 04, 2024 03:08AM
I had a stroke before the NOACs,came out, I've been on Xarelto 20mg for about 11 years now, getting the Watchman by Natale next week. Why were you on only 15mg, I thought 20mg was the standard dose for AFIB.......
Re: xarelto
April 05, 2024 08:20PM

Yes, have been on 15 mg. of Xarelto for the last 3 years, perhaps the dosage is because, I am not a big person. I am 5' 2. and weigh about 125 lbs. and of course I am 90 years old. How did the stroke leave you, and are you OK now?

Re: xarelto
April 07, 2024 07:26AM
I'm fine, I was good after the EMT's put me on a stretcher after about a 20 minute episode where I couldn't talk at work.
It was protocol to take me to the ER and examine me, they kept me for observation overnight and did an MRI that revealed a micro-vascular lesion. The MRI also revealed 2 or 3 prior TIA's I had that I wasn't aware of.
All these occurred before I was taken any anticoagulant and had any ablation. I didn't like to take Coumadin and the weekly INR blood draws.

My mom had permanent afib for 20 years, we finally switched her to Xarelto at 89. I now recall it was 15mg, not 20mg as she was also small at 5'2".
Re: xarelto
April 10, 2024 03:50AM
Thanks for your reply McHale, I think some of my problem is I just don't drink enough water, at least thats what the Docs tell me. I was working outside cutting my lawn, I took a lot of bumps in the back of my property, so maybe that and not enough water, also my BP was probably a little high just did me in. Oh well, I am not too bad, I can still do pretty much of what i have always done.

Wow, your mom had AF for about the same lenght of time as me. We have a lot of people that get AF in this country.
Re: xarelto
April 10, 2024 06:00PM
Liz, I can’t believe you work your 2-3 acre garden, citrus and grass maintenance at 90 and have the stamina with permanent afib to physically do things most people are not capable of, especially after a stroke. Take it easy.


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