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Atrial Bigeminy- PACs

Posted by MeganMN 
Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
March 29, 2024 03:36AM
Not really a post for information, just putting it out there for others who may also struggle. My most frequent rhythm now. .... Atrial Bigeminy. Not fun. Any EP who says PACs are not a big deal has never lived in my body confused smiley

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Re: Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
March 29, 2024 03:43PM
Thank you for the post, it is helpful for me, even if it is just to see someone else is going through similar events. Hopefully you can get some relief soon. I know when this happens to me, it is miserable. I have an appointment coming up in May to reevaluate what is going on. Until then, I just keep on going.
Re: Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
March 29, 2024 05:18PM
Some time after my first ablation, when I had come to accept that it was a bust, my Holter recording said I had a LOT OF PACs, with emph ASS is on the LOT OF, according to the tonal inflection of the nurse who read me the results over the phone. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference in sensation between AF and PACs. They both felt abnormal, intrusive, worrying, and they both put me off greatly.

So, I can sadly relate. I now people who haven't a clue they're in arrhythmia. Life is bliss for them. Not for us.
Re: Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
March 29, 2024 06:32PM
I now people who haven't a clue they're in arrhythmia.

I miss these days, prior to a cardioversion in 2020 I didn't really feel much of it. While it is truly miserable, this is better than my AFIB before my ablation. I can still function and do the things I need to get done. Before the ablation, it was a chore to answer the door before they left. Who knows what good deals I missed out on. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
March 31, 2024 03:00AM
Thanks for the replies. It is definitely not fun all around. So glad this group is so supportive and informational!!
Re: Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
April 15, 2024 01:35PM
There are EP's out there that will address these issues. Not easy to resolve as I have been informed, but not impossible to ablate or figure out location, particularly with new mapping technology. I have had experienced these arrythmia's for many years. I have had two ablations for AFIB, and over time have had problems with PAC/PVC. They are not fun and several recent articles (you can find these on this forum) indicate they should not be ignored. Currently stable with medication, but I will not hesitate to have ablation to resolve. I had hoped after the last "touch up" ablation 5 years that they would disappear.
Re: Atrial Bigeminy- PACs
April 15, 2024 07:32PM
I found two really good articles today explaining exactly what you are saying:


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