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Kardia reading re double beats

Posted by SueChef 
Kardia reading re double beats
March 11, 2024 03:38PM
I think I can include a better look-see of those double beats—but I had to compress the file (& don’t know quite what I’m doing) I had quite a lot of them yesterday, it seemed, and “a-fib feelings” until I took my evening Flecainide. Thanks in advance.
open | download - F8E7853C-465F-4BE3-8B14-FFB462EBAF14.png (671.1 KB)
Re: Kardia reading re double beats
March 11, 2024 04:06PM
Better, but still just a partial ekg. Again, looks like normal sinus rhythm (see pronounced "p" waves) with Trigeminy (two normal beats followed by one ectopic and repeats). And while it's not afib,something to show to your ep if it keeps on continuing.

PS With Kardia'a PDF view, you should be able to do a screen shot of the entire ekg, but don't stress yourself over it. What you posted is enough.

Re: Kardia reading re double beats
March 11, 2024 04:14PM
Thanks, Jim! (I need some lessons in how to use my phone.)
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