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Question about the stress test with Dipyridimole

Posted by susan.d 
Question about the stress test with Dipyridimole
February 17, 2024 05:57PM
I googled the drug and came upon this article which also mentions Adenosine, a drug i can’t take.

I’m allergic to adenosine. A few cardiologists want me to take a stress test using dipyridimole. I’m fighting against it for three reasons, my pacemaker was just tweaked and my performance (exercising) was turned off. I don’t want to risk symptoms because I will be flying a 14 hours flight soon and it’s not the time to chance it.

Another reason is my pacemaker is set to burst therapy at 95 hr and I feel physically ill when I walk up hills very slowly so i can’t imagine if I had that drug. Dipyridimole will increase my hr I believe and is a stress test substitute for running in a thread mill. My last stress test put me instantly in the icu . Also my last experience with adenosine put me immediately back in the icu.

Is this drug raise one’s hr? I have a PM and AV node ablation so I speculate it doesn’t make a difference in my case.

I am concerned about symptoms and frankly my PM may pace to prevent my heart rate to escalate .

I’m getting a repeat cardiac PYP test because 3 years ago I was borderline for amyloidosis, a disease Dr Natale believed I have because none of his skilled ablations worked
Re: Question about the stress test with Dipyridimole
February 17, 2024 06:02PM
Did you chance upon the above, Susan? It looks like it could affect you adversely, but only in concert with the greater part of the 'stress' test, which I think is your chief concern....? They mention that the person authorizing and administering the drug should know about any heart attacks, but I would think your history should be kept in mind by that person. Also, of course, your druthers.
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