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Second ablation

Posted by wamdvm00 
Second ablation
July 06, 2022 05:48PM
Had first ablation 5 years ago at 43 yrs old. Was having episodes lasting from 8 hrs to a week. Meds did not work. Doctor isolated 3/4 PV and fixed my flutter. The ablation has been life changing for me overall but over the past few years I have begun having frequent a fib episodes that convert back to nsr within a few hours. They seem to always follow a day of increased activity and sweating so obviously dehydration and alcohol is typically involved with 80 percent of my episodes. Met with my EP who is extremely competent from many diff measures and he recommends a touch up sooner than later. My first one was without any complications except for 6 hours of anesthesia which left me groggy and tired for a few days. Just feeling anxious about this second one but doc says he can greatly improve my long term success odds greatly with a touch up. I assume there are a lot of second ablation succes stories out there. Guess just needing some encouragement not to back out since overall I’m doing well but I know there are getting more frequent and will continue to do so.
Re: Second ablation
July 06, 2022 06:07PM
I am still in the blanking period and an odd case but know they have a lot of different ways to do anesthesia. I have gotten really sick in the past so this last time they did it different. I bring that up because if that is a big concern know that you can discuss all that with them and other options.
Re: Second ablation
July 07, 2022 08:26AM
Your 2nd Ablation almost always will make you whole again providing it is PV related only....if you are 1 of the aprox. 20% that have non PV caused Afib however then it could/will be more complicated although considering you had pretty nice success on your 1st partial PV only Ablation i would guess that a PV only breakthrough happened or the other 25% of your PV needs to be ablated so a simple touchup on your PV is all thats needed + that will keep you under An. for less time then you were the 1st time so i say show up to the EP'S table with bells + whistles on ASAP.


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Re: Second ablation
July 07, 2022 12:41PM
Thanks!, That makes me feel better. He told me he thought it would be a reconnection. My esophageal temp was getting too high and he couldn’t get as good of a freeze on one of the pv the first time.
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