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Omegas and AFIB

Posted by Faith v. 
Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 12:43AM

Omega Fatty acids and AFIB study

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Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 01:52PM
Ive seen these reports before regarding om 3. Ill assume its not just fish oil but any omega 3? Flax oil etc?
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 05:13PM
I am definitely watching these new developments with a close eye. I take 4 g of EPA Per day, for triglyceride reduction, but especially mood enhancement and to reduce the inflammation. I think for me personally it works very well. The people they are studying in these trials already had established cardiovascular disease one must remember, so they were already playing with a stacked deck against them so to speak, and were at greater risk of a fib to begin with. They still had significantly more a fib than the placebo group though. That is concerning. I know in some instances omega-3‘s can reduce immune response, in other words sometimes people get colds, etc. more frequently when taking omega-3 supplements. Sometimes A fib can be exacerbated by things related to the immune system.. I personally take other supplements that increase my immune response, and I don’t feel like the fish oil has increased my A fib. I only have it every year or two. Maybe I would have it less if I didn’t take it though? I’ve taken at the entire time I’ve had a fib, since 2016. Who else has thoughts on this? George?
Thanks, Ben
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 06:54PM
Starwars good post. Ive been using oils a long time but now use some olive avacado walnut oil. Occasionally cod and flax oil. That study seemed to use the word Marine alot but flax is omega 3 so is cod. I use alota supplements: ubiquinol D mag C Zinc CBD Arjuna Potassium Gluc pwd (a bit) and my oils
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 07:07PM
Here are some more studies on the question. This looks like it presents the opposite point of view.
Notice the similar articles at the bottom of the article.

Omega-3 fatty acids and atrial fibrillation.
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 07:23PM
Hilarious isnt it. I just know that one day id say in 25 yrs afib and all heart arrhythmias will be knocked out for good by some means (procedure or med)
Cause right now its a ball of spaghetti as we are all the same yet so different
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 17, 2021 09:06PM
I’ve taken at the entire time I’ve had a fib, since 2016. Who else has thoughts on this? George?

Afib started in 2004. My first omega3 index test was in 2015 and was around 3%. With my genetics my doc likes the index > 10%. Hence I've taken material quantities since. I've run it as high as 17% and not noticed any afib impact.
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 19, 2021 02:29AM
I take 2 Grams Omega3…does anyone else take it as well as anticoagulants?
Re: Omegas and AFIB
October 19, 2021 10:12AM
Joy im on eliquis and use some Carlson liquid cod oil each day with a bit of flax oil mixed into a shake i make so about 2k too of marine oil plus the flax so? Ive uded them for yrs including my 2012-21 ablation to development of flutter. During the 9 yrs very very little arrhythmias so ive never connected the two as trigger. Msg yes. Alcohol yes. Anxiety yes
Not fish oil. This year ive leaned more in the direction of olive oil avacado oil and udo s oil by Flora. I use teaspoon sizes of all spread through the day. My triglycerides and cholesterol numbers are vg so is my D - 77. Recently i even bought some walnut oil and just sorta alternate all these daily. Its certainly not scientific
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