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L-carnitine supplements

Posted by susan.d 
L-carnitine supplements
October 15, 2021 03:44PM
Anyone take it and what dose did your doctor recommend? Not what dose you take without supervision.
What brand?
Did you get afib afterwards?

I’m low in my Carnitine levels. Low levels mimics how symptomatic I feel.
My local ep thinks I need supplements but doesn’t know what strength. My local dr who took the test is busy. I prefer not to wait until December during my next visit to ask him.

Conflicting pros and cons for arrhythmia heart care benefits.
[www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] Con
[a-fib.com] Pro
[bmccardiovascdisord.biomedcentral.com] Pro

Elsewhere (Amazon review which it’s not scientific) states it lowers ones thyroid T3 and T4 levels and some may be sluggish with no energy. I discount this and prefer peer reviews.

I heard back from my dr’s nurse. They own their own pharmacy and don’t sell this supplement (amino acid) and suggest I take iron, which they sell, instead. :-)

Anyone take this supplement?

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Re: L-carnitine supplements
October 15, 2021 10:24PM
FWIW, here is Google Scholar search on the topic: [scholar.google.com]
Re: L-carnitine supplements
October 16, 2021 01:06PM

I have taken the acetyl-l-carnitine form for many years - supervised by my board-certified Functional Medicine Family Practice, MD.

Initially, the ALC targeted my history of muscle pain and weakness caused by underlying fibromyalgia along with previously misdiagnosed thyroid issues. Then, as time went on, the additional benefit of ALC has been and still is, the support for brain health and aging as well as enhancing immune system function. Of course, I am also pleased for the additional benefit of energy production support.

I take Acetyl L-carnitine by Designs for Health. 1 capsule daily containing 800 mg ALC in the morning.


I can share the DFH product data sheet that provides more info. Just send me a PM and I’ll forward.

Now, I should mention that when I had the 2014 flutter ablation and then the 2015 touch up … I stopped most all of my supplements for about six weeks and reintroduced them slowly as time went on. Thankfully, my heart has been calm since 2015 and I remain dedicated to taking the core supplements that help support that status… thanks to my FM MD and the periodic testing such as Nutra-Eval by Genova Diagnostics.

Re: L-carnitine supplements
November 08, 2021 03:18AM
Thanks, George!
Re: L-carnitine supplements
November 08, 2021 03:27AM

I just noticed my original post about L- Carnitine wasn't completed. I'm new to posting here, so must have missed something there.

I've been taking either 1 or 2 L-Carnitine tartrate capsules (333 mg each) for a few weeks and notice my heart is stronger and steadier, so I'll likely continue to take it. (Thorne product). I also take 1 500 mg Acetyl L-Carnitine for my brain. It find it's helpful to keep my brain sharp.

I glanced at several of the Google Scholar studies that George mentioned. / I wonder if others on this forum have used L-carnitine successfully for their AFib.

I'm also curious about D-Ribose. I don't notice much difference when I take it. Has anyone a comment about this?
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