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In afib

Posted by walt 
In afib
October 10, 2021 08:54PM
Noticed I was in aFib when doing a routine radial pulse check. Kardia supports this at 64 bpm. Other than my initial, slow rate aFib seems to be my norm. Last episode about 18 months ago and ecv’d. Just want to double check…..at 168 lbs. what is my maximum 24 hr recommended flecainide dose. Thanks.
Re: In afib
October 10, 2021 10:59PM
300mg, 200mg for those less than 154# (70 kg)

See: [www.nejm.org]
See Methods section

{edit} sorry about the ng instead of mg typo (which I corrected)- I was on my phone & my old eyes didn't notice!

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Re: In afib
October 10, 2021 11:46PM
Thank You.
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