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PFA trial

Posted by Skford 
PFA trial
October 07, 2021 12:27PM
Hi Folks,

I'm set up with Dr. Natale for an ablation next month. I've been told I'm a candidate to participate in the trial for Pulsed Field Ablation. As I understand it the trial is randomized so even if I sign up I may not get the PFA. What's the current thinking on PFA?

Thank you for your help!
Re: PFA trial
October 07, 2021 03:23PM
I google this and looks interesting. I sent my doctor a message and asking him about.
Re: PFA trial
October 07, 2021 05:11PM
I so wish I was a candidate. I am not because of all my pre-existing stuff. I don't know your background but I certainly think it is worth thinking about. which I guess you are LOL!
Re: PFA trial
October 07, 2021 05:39PM
As I understand it the trial is randomized so even if I sign up I may not get the PFA. What's the current thinking on PFA?

Here is a search on our site on the topic: [www.afibbers.org]

One of our members is in the trial and has posted updates. The search will pick those up. You could also PM that member and get a more first hand report. So far, my impression from afar is very positive.
Re: PFA trial
October 14, 2021 12:02AM
The Medtronics PFA trial that I was/am in is not randomized - I knew I was getting the PFA. I am almost 6 months out now with no issues - I couldn't recommend it more if it an option for you. But I always feel the need to acknowledge that time will tell.
Re: PFA trial
October 27, 2021 11:51AM
I have also been selected for a randomized PFA trial.
Scheduled for ablation on Nov 8. Hoping I will get the PFA.
I'll keep everyone posted.
Re: PFA trial
October 28, 2021 01:15AM
From everything I know at this point, if I had an upcoming ablation and had the opportunity to join the trial, I would definitely hope to get randomized into the PFA group.
Re: PFA trial
October 29, 2021 04:39PM
I think randomized trials are great for clarifying how effective PFA is v. RFA (the Farapulse study is randomized), but personally I would want to guarantee that I got the PFA instead of leaving it to chance by joining a randomized study. As I've said before, the Medtronics study that I was in 6 months ago was NOT randomized - you knew you were getting the PFA. That study is still going as far as I know. [clinicaltrials.gov]

If you 1) have reason to think Farapulse is a better catheter, or 2) really care more about advancing science than guaranteeing the outcome you want, 3) or if it is a location or provider issue, or 4) aren't really sure which you want and want to leave it up to chance, then I can understand the choice of participating in the randomized study. Good luck in any event!

BTW, 6 month anniversary yesterday - no issues to date.
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