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Wearable HRM's

Posted by HBHNH603 
Wearable HRM's
October 06, 2021 10:25AM
Newly diagnosed with AFIB and while the first 3 episodes started with a pronounced heart "fluttering" that I could readily feel, the fluttering tapered off over the next 20 odd hours, such that while still in AFIB, I couldn't feel it without manually monitoring my pulse at my wrist. My Dr has suggested a "pill in the pocket" approach to minimizing or hopefully suspending the next event, by taking a Matoprolol when it starts. But I'm a bit worried that since there are occasions where I'm in AFIB and don't really feel symptomatic, does this increase the potential of a clot / stroke that I might otherwise prevent or at least minimize, if I had a way to be alerted to every AFIB event. Which brings me to whether anyone has a suggestion for a convenient wearable heart rate monitor (HRM), ideally one that doesn't require a chest strap. Is there a usable / reliable wrest watch style unit?
Re: Wearable HRM's
October 06, 2021 11:09AM
If you are on an anticoagulation med, then it should not matter. Checking your pulse once or twice a day would be sufficient to see if you were in afib and start taking metoprolol for rate control. A high rate for a part of a day would not be an issue for cardiomyopathy, the other big risk for afib. Rates have to be elevated (> 100 or 110) for longer for this to be an issue.
Re: Wearable HRM's
October 10, 2021 11:01AM
I use both an Apple Watch and a Kardia device to monitor heart rate. Both are very helpful.
The Apple watch will send me a message/vibrate when my heart rate exceeds certain parameters.
You can get an average heart rate or a single lead ECG.

The Kardia is a bit more accurate and you can easily download the ECG either single lead or six lead and forward to your EP doctor if necessary.
Go to [www.kardia.com] for info on that device or Apple for the watch.

Best of luck.
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