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Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies

Posted by Jackie 
Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
November 15, 2022 05:35PM
This is more than disturbing… So FYI. Check to be sure your supplements continue to have the forms and dose/quantity upon which you have relied to reach your goals for optimal health function.
If not, we’ll have to adjust the dosing accordingly.


Re: Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
November 21, 2022 02:29PM
Hi Jackie, glad I caught your post. Not surprised. Remember when they removed NAC from Amazon? My retailer of chose has a board medical doctors and other professionals in Functional Medicine, etc. Since they provide research and studies on applying supplements of illnesses and diseases, I think we are secure. I did ask regarding ingredients that may come from China and was told by customer service that only when the ingredients can't be secured in the US, etc.

Re: Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
December 09, 2022 05:06PM
And in other cases using their might to turn supplements into pharma. Like Sinclair who has a history of large frauds is doing with NMN right now.

Re: Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
December 09, 2022 06:11PM
Hi Lois - Good to see you posting and thanks for your input. More than distressing.

And, thanks also, Pavan, for that link. I'll spend time reading. I rely on a variety
of the more 'sophisticated' supplements so I'm obviously interested and concerned,
but if they turn supplements into Rx/pharma and, if they are affordable, I assume
that, at least, they would be available via a Functional Medicine practitioner script.
If you see more on this, let me know. Appreciate your input.

Re: Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
December 11, 2022 03:34PM
What really is at stake here is freedom; our right to choose for ourselves; and we may or may not consult our medical doctor. We have family who fought in wars to protect our freedom, and a couple of my uncles never made it back home. If lose our right to self-educate and make good choices, we are no different than other countries where people are continually suppressed. I spent hours gathering information on COVID and then we pursued what we believed was the best option back in 2020. We still practice the preventions I turned up and we still alive and have not had a hint of any health problems. including viruses or any other problems.

So we need to protect our right to investigate and choose what's best for us; and if we are wrong WE suffer the consequences.

Just a health update: I am a loooong time Afibber and a few years ago accidently drank a half of bottle of Kumbucha which contained caffeine.
My heart took off and by evening I couldn't get it under control and went to ER. Previous to this I had been just fine for several years watching my food allergies that trigger my heart. So ER determined I was in congestive heart failure and ask me to stay the night for observation. The nurses prepared me for the worst with booklets and CHF stages, etc. I was anxious to ID which stage I was in and determined out of the four stages I was in the highest level of Stage 4. The next say they did blood work and sent me home. So I did what I do educate myself. The first thing I hunted for were the books you suggested, Jackie, by Dr. Sinatra. BINGO! I read and noted his recommendations and carefully ordered and set up a program for myself.

It was noted on my chart that I was in CHF and that never changed. I had my annual check ups and stress tests but nothing was ever mentioned again and I guess I didn't inquire because I didn't want to know. However, in 2020 I cycled 640 miles and last year 243 miles because husband was recovering from knee surgery and we didn't want to stress him.

Then about 4 months ago a specialist wanted to place on me on a drug for osteoporosis that had the potential to cause a stroke or heart attack so I consulted with my cardiologist who did a stress test just a couple of months earlier. I asked about he CHF and he said that taking the new drug wasn't likely to be a problem as I was no longer in CHF and hadn't been for several years. Can you believe it? I was the last to know.
And anyone who knows me knows I believe I was divinely healed with natural properties that the Almighty Creator has placed on this earth for our benefit.

Nice to visit with you, Jackie. Glad to see the group is still intact. Good health to each of you in the coming year.
Re: Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
December 11, 2022 03:43PM
Just referencing my previous comments Stage 4 Congestive Health Failure is the worst stage. Bed ridden with several symptoms.
Re: Big Pharma Buying Up Supplement Companies
December 14, 2022 08:22AM
Mercola: Sneaky New Plan to Wipe Out Supplements


And there is legislation on the table right now.
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