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No Second Wave

Posted by hwkmn05 
No Second Wave
February 02, 2021 06:33AM
As the above graph clearly shows, there was a notable peak of excess deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 in the spring, but it has not returned. As noted earlier, some excess deaths are now to be expected at very least as a consequence of prolonged and widespread restricted access to the NHS.

So, just one wave, as expected. The ‘secondwave’ of “cases” and even “COVID-19 deaths” are an artefact of flawed testing.
Re: No Second Wave
February 02, 2021 08:50AM
Uh huh.... right..... smh

Such fictions are a disingenuous to the 93,816 deaths in England to date and represent the vast majority of the overall UK count. Ridiculous.

Re: No Second Wave
February 02, 2021 01:35PM
Los Angeles is the US hot spot with the most deaths. We have one spiral wave that gets worst every day. I have my fingers crossed not to need the ER because there isn’t a bed to be found unless you don’t mind a tent and heater in the parking garage during our very windy and raining weather.


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