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In light of the potential stronger contagious mutation—I hope the US doesn’t follow the UK’s example of postponing the second vaccine dose

Posted by susan.d 

In Southern California, some people were infected with a more potentially contagious mutation originated in Europe. We shouldn’t skimp on the second dose.

We fall behind other countries in dispensing the vaccine.
You’ll get your wish. Our country will excel at postponing the FIRST dose of the vaccine.
Wolfpack. It isn’t my wish. I want the vaccine. My healthy son got his, they are giving them out in the east coast, Texas and other states but here in CA it’s not available to high risk, over 75 etc.

I read cancer survivors not currently on chemo or stem therapy with a healthy immune system should be on a priority list.


“Patients with underlying conditions at high risk for complications of COVID-19 infection will likely be a top priority to receive the vaccine.“

So where is my appointment? My oncologist has no clue for any of her patients and said currently there is no list.

It gets worse. Medical personnel are able to access vaccines for their families when scheduled vaccines to medical workers are canceled when that worker doesn’t want the vaccine. They know who to ask. I want the ability to get a soon to be expired vaccine list.

Talk of rationing the dose in half. Boy, how effective will that be? No trials or testing on its effectiveness.

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