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Ion Detox Food Bath

Posted by LaniB 
Ion Detox Food Bath
December 05, 2020 02:23AM
Does anyone have any experience with the Ion Detox Foot Bath? www.amajordifference.com is the website for the product. Dr. Detrich Klinghart advocates using it to detox the body from glyphosate and aluminum especially, as well as other contaminants. I know from testing that I have too much lead and mercury, but to do that I'd need 2 or 3 treatments per week for maybe 14 weeks or more. The foot bath stimulates the body to detox itself. Dr. Klinghart says that the body dumps contaminants for about a week after a treatment (measured in urine). I'm just worried that the electrical nature of the foot bath might be a trigger for AF to return. I have been happily AF free for six months and avoid the usual triggers. I am now wearing the monitor for a week or so (after the 6 month anniversary). I did a 30 minute sesion today to see if it would register any blips. So far, I'm not feeling anything, maybe a blip or two. Time will tell.

Other methods of heavy metal detox are sweating in a sauna after having taken niacin. I'm afraid too much sweating would deplete my magnesium and potassiium.

IV chelation therapy is offered by many integrative medicine docs, but, once again, chelation chelates the good minerals along with the bad.

I do want to get the excess metals out before they make me sick. They may have even contributed to my AF. Anybody have any ideas on this?
Re: Ion Detox Food Bath
December 05, 2020 06:18AM
From one direct experience i know that Chlorella eliminates mercury. Info is from a good friend and workmate who used to use chemicals high in mercury in the Queensland cane sugar fields. His mercury levels were very high so he took Chlorella and had them re-checked after some months (forget the exact times) and the levels dropped substantially. His GP was really surprised.
Re: Ion Detox Food Bath
December 05, 2020 05:00PM

I wonder if you have tried oral chelation with DMSA? Seems a common first line treatment with Naturalpaths.

Re: Ion Detox Food Bath
December 11, 2020 06:47PM
Thanks Joe!! I'll deinitely get on the chlorella!
Re: Ion Detox Food Bath
December 11, 2020 06:57PM
I did try oral DMSA because I was worried the IV type would be too much for my system. I was having AF about once a month back then. The Doc I saw RX 750 mg 3X day for 3 days, then off for 11 days. I did 5 cycles of this before I quit. 3 out of those 5, I went into AF during the DMSA days. I did replenish with minerals between cycles RX'd by the doc, but it wasn't nearly enough. It wasn't even half the amount of magnesium I take now. I think that maybe all of this chelation pushed me farthere down the road to persistent Afib, as my episodes became more frequent. I didn't know tha much about supplementing Mg and Potassium back then. I am going to a different doc now who told me that was way too much for my size and recc, 250 mg twice a day, so I may try that. Thanks for your input. I have learrned that replacing minerals and LOTS of them are crucial when trying to chelate heavy metals.

I'm happy to say my ablation was the best thing that ever to me, it gave me my life back ! I just don't want to screw up.
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