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Covid Circus

Posted by rocketritch 
Covid Circus
November 30, 2020 02:56PM
So Covid has entered our home. We think. My wife being a nurse working at a local nursing home is tested twice a week per state standards. She received positive results Friday from her Monday test. Of course this creates issues for mynwork and my son's school.

My wife's quarantine ends this Wednesday. Mine starts this Wednesday. My son's started Friday. What a mess.

Anyway, if I get tested and have negative results I can return to work, maybe. That depends on weather or not they will also require a letter from my doctor. In that case I won't be going back as my Dr will not sign off on it.

So far the entire house is mostly symptom free. No fevers. My wife is having sinus pressure and fatigue, but that isn't uncommon for her. I had the makings of a headache the past couple days but nothing has taken hold. I never get headache's so maybe it is something. I'll be getting tested tomorrow.

We are all keeping up with our daily D, C and Zinc.
Re: Covid Circus
November 30, 2020 06:29PM
Rocketrich - I'm so sorry to read your news. Since you're all otherwise healthy, you should be able to deal with it.
Glad you are keeping up with your immune system support nutrients. There is an article in Mercola Today that is worth noting... [articles.mercola.com]

Re: Covid Circus
November 30, 2020 07:45PM
Thanks Jackie. She does the nursing home gig just to keep her skills UTD. She works from home as a case manager as her regular gig. She also teaches 1 day a week at a local college. Hopefully by this time next year she will be full time at the college.

Anyway, with their testing regiment I was worried about her getting a false positive. Especially since they have changed to the newer test that doesn't go as deep into the nasal cavity. That's the test I'm having done tomorrow. If I'm getting tested it's going to be the gold standard one. Either way this will all be done with in a few days hopefully.
Re: Covid Circus
December 01, 2020 10:48PM
So I'm sitting here at urgicare waiting on results from rapid test. If it's positive it's positive. If negative they send out for the lab test. Ugh....
Re: Covid Circus
December 01, 2020 11:20PM
Rapid test negative. Now to wait for the longer lab test.
Re: Covid Circus
December 02, 2020 02:06AM
Stats claim that covid tests have a false neg rate of 20% but my MD and I discussed today and think it's closer to 50%. The reason being is that viral replication and shedding are highest in the asymptomatic stage, by the time someone is symptomatic and really on their toes cautious, they may get a + test. But by the time they are in pulmonary stages the replication has stopped, the virus is dead and there is only viral debris. They will likely test not detected despite having covid. Not detected isn't a definitive negative. This was also the experience the MD in the ER relayed to me 2 weeks ago. End result - the false negative tests are helping the virus spread.
Re: Covid Circus
December 02, 2020 02:25AM
Viral debris are not infectious, so not a problem to others. When the virus is no longer active (in many people it is after 8 to 10 days after onset of symptoms but there are notable exceptions). The RT-PCR test shows them up as positive depending on how many replication cycles they chose to apply????
Re: Covid Circus
December 02, 2020 03:19AM
There doesn't seem to be any consistency in how the rapid test is administered. I have had 2 now. One in Texas and one her locally.

The one in Texas was definitely inserted further and was not move once it was placed. The one this evening wasn't as deep and she rooted around with it.

She was aware that I had been tested once already. She claimed that not people insert the swab too far. I made mention of the difference in how the tests were administered. She just shrugged it off.

I would think that there should be a standard for administering such a test.
Re: Covid Circus
December 03, 2020 01:55PM
Got my test results back this morning. Test for Sars- Cov-2 are negative. However, my symptoms today are worse than yesterday. Sinus pressure, runny nose and generally not feeling well.
Sent my results to work and told them my current situation. Ball's in their court now.
Re: Covid Circus
December 03, 2020 05:35PM
Still quarantined.... Tried to get appt with my PCP. Nothing until Monday. Called teledoc through my insurance. They want me to quarantine 14 days starting from Sunday. Ugh....
Re: Covid Circus
December 03, 2020 09:21PM
I happened to have labs scheduled when I was likely at end of viral replication stage. hsCRP which I'd been working on for a year + to get down from 5 to 2 and wanting to go lower was 34.6! I've been saying for some time what diabetes can do in a decade covid can do in days. Guess I'll find out how much damage was done when I get my next CAC. In my view sitting around - even if asymp - is not a good idea. Aggressive interventions should be performed as soon as covid like symptoms are detected. Waiting for a covid + test given the false negative rates is insanity.(I know - I've done it) It's not a cold, it's not the flu it's more than likely covid.

Maybe this helps - [www.youtube.com]

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Re: Covid Circus
December 04, 2020 12:55AM
My work had me speak with another doctor today. One that they keep on retainer since this all started to always have a doctor they can turn to in a crisis situation.

Besides me they had 3 others needing doctor appointments today and everyone was getting pushed out to next week. They also dont like the teledoc service provided by our insurance because they almost 100% quarantine.

So my second Dr appointment today has me quarantined for 10 days from Sunday. They also felt that since my symptoms really didn't show up until the weekend that my test was probably a false negative.

This is all driving my wife nuts as she works a Covid line for employees of her company. And for people like me they are sending most back to work. These are all Dr's and Nurses so maybe they have a higher comfort level with what they are doing.

So I'll be sitting it out keeping up with my suplimentations. But if things even hint of going a little south I'm going to do my best to demand some sort of intervention before it progresses any further.

As of right now the sinus issues and pressure aren't unmanageable. I'm not taking anything to help with it though as I don't want to cover up another symptom like a low grade fever or something like that. Which is what the doctor today recommended.

I've also been preoccupied with some in-house distance Physics tutoring with my son. It's been quite a while since I've used that particular part of my brain so I needed to do a little brushing up. I came up with some good tutorial illustrations for some problems he had to solve for school.

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Re: Covid Circus
December 05, 2020 01:49AM
I've had 6 negative covid tests and now have a positive igg test. go figure.

Rocket - I would definitely try to get some ivermectin from your MD, some prednisone , colchicine and zpack. Even if you're mild or asymp you want to shred the virus and calm the storm. Another to consider would be Dipyridamole

Good luck.

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Re: Covid Circus
December 06, 2020 10:02PM
Nothing new to report from our home. My wife's quarantine ended Wednesday.

Under new guidelines since I had symptoms my quarantine ends 7 days after being tested negative which will be Wednesday. This was the day the doctor told me to end it last week which is about 10 days from the onset of my symptoms.

My son got reprieve from his 14 day quarantine to 10 under the new rules so he gets to go back to school tomorrow.

I never canceled my doctor's appointment for tomorrow so I'm going to try to at least get some antibiotics as I still have some congestion. Which is probably just a sinus infection or Covid-19.
Re: Covid Circus
December 08, 2020 04:18PM
Spoke with my PCP yesterday. She prescribed a Zpak for my sinus issues since I am having yellow discharges.
Re: Covid Circus
December 09, 2020 02:51AM
Sorry to hear this Rocketritch
I hope you feel better.
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