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URGENT! Drug shortages have arrived!

Posted by Murray L 
URGENT! Drug shortages have arrived!
March 08, 2012 01:05AM
I have posted this in the aFib forum:

I gather that the drug shortages being reported on the news as of late have become critical, to the extent that Chemotherapy patients and non-elective surgeries are being triaged and cancelled!

This is apparantly a very serious problem and it is going to get worse before it gets better.

I note several drugs of interest on the lists in Canada (and perhaps in the US as well?), including

APO - Amiodarone
APO Warfarin

I would suggest doing a google search on "drug shortages" and following the links.

I am not quite frantic, but here in Ontario one is permitted a 50 day supply of TIKOSYN and must wait until it is just about consumed completely before picking up the next 50 day supply.

Metoprolol, which I also take, is not on the list as of yet, but you can be sure that I am going to ensure that I have a three or six month supply on hand should it become a shortage item.

This is just a 'heads-up'. Whatever you are taking may not be on the list. It may not be on the list YET. It may NEVER make the list. But watching the news tonight I am seeing that doctors are writing renewal prescriptions that the pharmacies cannot fill and are, in fact, handing back to their customers and telling them to search.

I am still searching for links to determine what drugs are unavailable or in short supply, but suggest in all good conscience that if you are taking a critical medication, you ensure that you have a reserve supply on hand, especially if you find it on one of the lists.

Addendum: Is it just me getting 'antsy'? I am looking at getting my family doctor to write me some prescriptions for a 90 day supply of essential medications and paying for it out of my own pocket (as opposed to insurance paying for it).
Re: URGENT! Drug shortages have arrived!
March 08, 2012 01:16AM


The US drug shortage does not appear at first blush to be as significant as that in Canada.

It certainly has made the news bigtime north of the 49th.

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