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potassium supplements

Posted by Frank 
potassium supplements
October 11, 2011 04:56AM
Since I don't eat enough potassium-rich food, can anyone tell me the max. amount of supplements that one can take? 'not whining, but I live alone, don't cook, and have no appetite.
Re: potassium supplements
October 11, 2011 01:24PM
Frank - there really is no true substitute for whole, fresh foods. Most can be eaten uncooked or cooked very easily and simplistically. You can view potassium-containing foods at the Oregon State website.

However, the one thing you absolutely must be aware of is that just adding potassium alone may not help and can make your arrhythmia worse if your intracellular stores are low in magnesium. You need an optimal supply of IC magnesium and before adding potassium supplements-- slowly so using lots of fresh potassium-containing foods in the interim... 6 weeks to 2 - 3 months while you replete your magnesium would be a 'guess' as to how long it might take. It can take longer in severely depleted individuals.

It's all written in these links which you can study and determine how that might fit into your lifestyle. You probably have no appetite because you aren't eating good foods to begin with and therefore no enzymes and nutrients. Dead foods and empty calories don't do much for us.




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