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Number 110
June 2011
11th Year

Data concerning the long-term outcome of catheter ablations for atrial fibrillation has finally been released by the Cleveland Clinic. Average complete success rate (no atrial arrhythmia without the use of antiarrhythmics) for a single procedure is 76% at year 1 and 63% at year 5. Corresponding numbers for multiple procedures are 86% (year 2) and 84% respectively. These success rates are encouraging, as is the finding that 87% of ablatees who are arrhythmia-free at the one-year check-up can expect to be so 3 years later. The Cleveland data is discussed in detail in this issue, as are the results of four other studies reporting long-term (5 years) data.

Also in this issue, we report that general anesthesia is associated with better ablation results, that spouses of afibbers suffer as well, that afib is more than a nuisance, and finally, a most important finding, that fish oil supplementation prior to cardioversion and catheter ablation markedly improves the outcome through a reduction in atrial stunning.

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