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Number 121
August/September 2012
12th Year

In case you may not have noticed, there is currently a �turf war� going on between cardiologists and electrophysiologists as to which treatment, pharmaceutical drugs or catheter ablation, should be officially pronounced as the first-line treatment for atrial fibrillation. The newest gambit is the finding by a team of cardiologists that treatment with rhythm control drugs such as flecainide and propafenone is superior to treatment with beta-blockers, digoxin, and other rate control drugs when it comes to preventing paroxysmal AF from progressing to persistent or permanent. In contrast, electrophysiologists at the University of Michigan recently reported that a successful catheter ablation virtually eliminates the progression to persistent/permanent AF. This is hardly surprising since, if your AF is cured, there is really no reason why it should progress.

Also in this issue: Bleeding risk with aspirin revisited, new definition proposed for ablation failure, the link between anxiety, depression and AF episodes, more bad news for dronedarone, fish oil helps prevent AF, and marathon running enlarges the atria.

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