2012 2012
Real-world cardioversion results BNP and safety of cardioversion
Predicting cardioversion success
2011 2011
Magnesium/potassium infusion improves cardioversion results Fish oils help maintain sinus rhythm after cardioversion
Cardioversion strategy improves ablation outcome Fish oil prevents atrial stunning
Use of dabigatran in cardioversion
2010 2010
Cardioversion and aldosterone levels Predicting recurrence after cardioversion
Cardioversion of AF following catheter ablation Safety of electrical cardioversion
2009 2009
Magnesium improves cardioversion results Elevated CRP associated with cardioversion failure
TEE and cardioversion Importance of early cardioversion
- 2008 - 2008
Metoprolol improves cardioversion results New drug for conversion of AF
Elevated CRP = cardioversion failure Magnesium aids in cardioversion
Magnesium/potassium infusion helps convert AF to NSR